Thursday, November 18, 2010


Jaquelyn is swimming with the local YMCA this year. We were looking for something to keep her busy and active through the winter. It is a bit expensive but she is getting a lot of exercise with practice 3 times a week and occasional swim meets. She is by no means fast since this is her first year participating but she is enjoying it quite a bit. It is going to be a bit of a juggle for the next few months with swimming and basketball practice but I'm sure she will love it when she gets used to having both of them.
These pictures are from a meet she was in a few weeks ago. She swam freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Halloween Fun

My Dad visits each year for Halloween. The kids really look forward to it and we all enjoy it soooo much! We usually hold off carving pumpkins until he is here and this year was no different. As usual, we get so busy while he is here that we end up squeezing it in on Halloween day (like always)...but better late than never!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Fun

We had lots of fun last week for Halloween. For the whole month really. Jaquelyn had four different opportunities to dress up and choose to wear a different costume each time! Rebecca wasn't quite as diverse, she only wore two because she really liked her costume. Luckily, I am a pack rat of the GOOD kind. Each year, I put the girl's costumes into a big bin with other Halloween paraphernalia. Then in following years, there are lots of costumes to choose from with out having to traipse to the store and fork over $40 for something they will usually only wear once.
This month we attended the Harvest Festival at the YMCA and Jaquelyn chose to be a gypsy (this was Taylor's several years ago) and Rebecca was Little Red Riding Hood (my grandmother made this cape for me many years ago).

We hosted the Girl Scout fun night for Jaquelyn's troop this month and decided to throw a Halloween Party for the girls. It was loads of fun! This time, Jaquelyn was a bride (my dress from Junior prom) and Rebecca wore her snow princess dress (that had been Jaquelyn's costume in 2nd grade)

On Halloween day, our church held a "trunk or treat" fun time in the afternoon. Jaquelyn brought out Super girl for this occasion (also one of Taylor's cosutmes from the past). Rebecca still stuck with her snow princess.

For the actual trick or treating event, Jaquelyn was Luna Lovegood. You have to be a Harry Potter fan to know who this is. Luna is a witch who goes to Hogwarts with the other kids but she isn't quite as big as the other characters. Rebecca wore the same dress but decided she wanted to dress it up a bit with some wings and a wand and dubbed herself a "snow fairy princess". I was a horrible parent and completely forgot to take pictures of my children in their costumes. Luckily, I snapped one before we went door to door with our neighbors. It's not great but better than nothing.