Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Coffee Time

Once again, I am spending my afternoon working at the coffee shop. Jaquelyn stayed home from school today because she wasn't feeling well so she and Rebecca are sitting in the van watching Tinkerbell (from the library) on the portable DVD player.
Is it wrong for me to be irritated with the irresponsible youth that are in the workforce today? To get frustrated with kids who think nothing of calling a few hours before they are scheduled to work to just bail. I know people can get sick and things come up but it's still really annoying. And then the kids who complain about not getting enough shifts...who are never available when someone needs a shift covered. Don't even get me started about how annoying they are. least it's a gorgeous day for hanging out in our little spot. It's a balmy 80 degrees, a slight breeze flowing through the windows and since I'm the boss's wife, I get to bring my laptop and have a blast.... Now if only I actually liked coffee, this would be heaven.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Heat Wave

Wow! I know I was anxious for the warm weather to get here but really....I didn't mean all at once. The last two days have been in the 90's. Seriously...the 90' April. I would like a few days off for my heat before I have to jump right into the a/c. Being the penny pincher I am, we did not turn our a/c on and at 11pm here it is still in the 80's in our house. We have every fan in the house pointed on those who are trying to get some sleep. I am the only one who actually loves it. Now, I am not saying I love the 90 weather, just the warm nights for sleeping. Dan and all the kids sleep very hot and sweat through the night. Anytime we have the a/c on, I'm sleeping with a blanket because I'm freezing. I enjoy warm but not sweltering hot.
I felt so bad for poor Jaquelyn. She had softball games both yesterday and today. It could not have been fun to be out there in this kind of heat. Luckily, the weather channel says it should be cooling down again by Wednesday. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that it actually happens.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

MckMama's Blog

I don't know how many of my readers also read MckMama's blog but I am sure that you all have heard me mention it and seen my Stellan posts/buttons. She gets sooooo many hits and her blog is mighty popular. She often has contests for whomever gets the closest to a big number (she's in the millions). Today she hit 10,000,000 hits. Amazing!! We (Dan and I) were among the crazed who were refreshing like mad to see if we could get it. Alas, it was not meant to be. Dan got so close though. He hit it at 10,000,004. Pretty cool, huh? Close, but no cigar. Anyhoo, a picture was taken and I figured I would share.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Field Trip To The Park

Yesterday, Jaquelyn's class went on a field trip. First stop was the playground where they had a blast. Second was the Humane Society. Lots of fun was had by all. Until Rebecca's eye's started getting all red and itchy. Then Rebecca and I went outside and sat in the van for the remainder of the animal part. I'm not sure if it was the animals or just being outside and playing. We've never had her tested for any type of allergy but she most definitely has some sort of seasonal allergies. I'm just not sure if there are any animal allergies mixed in there.
So anyhow, I have plenty of pictures from the park but none from the Humane Society so you will just have to make due with these.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prayers For Stellan

Stellan is having surgery today at 8:30 am Boston time. Please pray for him and the surgeons and that everything turns out well. I don't know when MckMama will have a chance to update her blog but she does try to keep up with her Twitters on her sidebar.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

This week there is a guest host for Friend Makin' Monday. You can head over to Andrea's blog to check out this week's fun.

Who are your top five celebrity crushes?
What celebrities make you drool?

I have not thought about this in many years. In fact I don't know if I will be able to come up with 5. Once I became an old married broad, it kinda seemed pointless.

Many years ago, I thought Arnold Schwarzenegger was to die for. No joke. Commando was my favorite movie and I would watch it over and over. T2 was a close second. It was only the Arnold of that time. Not before with the dorky page boy haircut he had before the nice buzz cut or as old as he has gotten now.

Brendan Fraser is very cute. I love the Mummy movies and I just bought Journey to the Center of the Earth which was really good too. He is cute in a pinch his cheeks kind of way to me.

Occasionally Robert Downey Jr. has a certain look about him that isn't too dorky. He looks pretty good in Ironman but he definitely needs to shave.

I think Booth(David Boreanaz) is pretty good looking but it's probably just because I like the show Bones so much.

I am grasping at straws here with these last two and can't come up with any more. Now, 20 years ago, I probably couldn't have narrowed it down to a mere 5 but I just don't pay attention more.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Opening Day 2009

Yesterday was opening day for softball/t-ball around here. Rebecca had her first t-ball game and that was lots of fun! We are very unfortunate to have a little Yankee on our hands but I think Dan will wait until her season is over before throwing her hat away. I am also hoping her grandfather will not disown us all for allowing her to be on that team but there's not much we can do. Rebecca's game was funny to watch. Most of the kids did not really understand the whole base running idea. Half would stand and watch the ball after they hit it. The others would run into the field trying to get the ball. Rebecca had no clue where to run and usually just ran around the field until an adult finally guided her to the base she was supposed to be on. She even ran to first holding the bat. It was cute and silly and lots of fun.

Then in the afternoon, Jaquelyn had her first game of the season and Teresa had a practice. Unfortunately, I forgot that Teresa's practice was about a half hour away so we went to the wrong field, which caused us to be even later than usual. It also meant that I couldn't leave her practice to pop over to Jaquelyn's game and check it out. Such a bummer. I took some pictures of Teresa but she was very uncooperative so most of them did not come out very well.

I had to rely on Dan and his camera phone for pictures of Jaquelyn at her game. The one of her on base came out pretty well but the at bat one seems a bit off. I'll be sure to be there with my camera for her next game so I can post more pictures then.


Heidi recently posted her 8th Wonder of the World post and I decided to take her up on a few of her challenges. I may eventually get to all of them but I decided to try the easiest ones first.
First off
Picture of myself taggy thing.

Here are the rules: Take a picture of yourself right now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture. Load the picture onto your blog. Tag some people to play.
Well I was lucky that I wasn't having too bad of a hair day although it is just thrown into a little ponytail because I was in a hurry this morning. Please try to ignore the messy room behind me...Taylor actually cleaned it at some point today but it's already a mess again.

Second verse, same as the first...more pictures
The Prom Picture Tag...

The Official Rules:
Leave me a comment guessing which Year the photos were taken. I will post the correct year in a few days after a few guesses come fun!

If I TAG you...DIG up your old Prom it and lets guess the date too...(if you really are that self-conscience and don't want us to know the date...maybe we can guess the decade?)
If you are married to your Prom date let us know! If you are not...try to post a Prom picture of your Prom & a second picture of your husbands prom too...let us know where each of your Dates are now...and their relationship status!! (and of course YOU are way cuter than his Prom date!) If you are Single...let us know where your Prom date is now!

I am gonna TAG some people...and then those taggers need to keep it going by tagging 5 other people! I can't wait to see all of your pictures! Fun huh!?

Ok, these are horrid but there you have it. Junior(blue dress) and Senior(pink dress) years pictures. I think junior year was Ted and senior year was Tom but I might have them mixed up. I did not actually date while I was in high school but I really wanted to go to my proms so I had friends fix me up so I didn't have to go alone.
I am so not married to my prom dates since my hubby is...a wee bit older. So any how, I have no idea where either of them are since I wasn't actually dating them. It was hard to even track them down afterward to give them some pictures. I have no idea what their last names even are.
Proms and hubby are a big joke around his house. It seems that he was the big catch during his high school years and went to more proms than anyone else in his family....if you add all the other kids proms up. (he's the oldest of 7 by the way) I think his mom even put a whole photo album together with a whole bunch of his prom pictures. I will try to dig it up somewhere.

Junior Year

Senior Year

Hmmmm.... I do not actually like the tagging thing. I always feel like someone will be upset if I tag them. I don't mind it but I can't read anyone else's mind so here's what I will do...if you think this looks like fun, then try it out, otherwise you can just laugh at my ridiculous dresses...that I still have...scary, huh? My kids use one for dress up and the other is with our Halloween costumes. The blue one has been used for little bo peep.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Softball Season Begins Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is opening day here for softball/baseball. Rebecca has her first T-ball game at 9am and Jaquelyn has her first game at 2:30pm. Teresa's games won't start until next month because of the kids who are on the county team and high school team but she does have practice. I will post some pictures if I can get any good ones with my non-action-shot-taking camera.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Finally Easter Picture Time!

OK...I know it's way past Easter already but I am finally putting up the pictures I took on Easter. I posted a few yesterday of Rebecca and Jaquelyn at our neighbor's Easter Egg hunt. So without further ado....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

True Story Tuesday

Here's a new bloggy carnival that I found over at Once Upon A Miraclee via He & Me + 3. I thought it looked kinda fun so I figured I could give it a try.

One afternoon Dan and I were goofing around with the kids, mostly Rebecca and Jaquelyn. At one point, Dan reached over and spanked my tushie...all in fun of course. So I immediately start to act all upset and boohooing. So what does Rebecca do? She runs over to comfort me...and kisses my tush. You know, to make it all better. I just about died laughing. We then had to stop going into hysterics to explain that tushies are an area that are usually not kissed. (depending on where you work that is)

If you want to join in the fun, you can head over to Rachel's blog and link up or just read everyone else's hilarity.

Facebook and Stuff

Well I have finally ventured out into Facebook. I had just lumped it into a heap with myspace but it's really pretty cool. I have found tons of old high school friends on it so that in itself is fun.
We are trying to settle back into a routine after a long time off to even include yesterday. All the kids are back in school today finally and so I was able to regroup and catch up with some things around the house. Until I got a call from Dan asking if I could fill in at the Coffee Shop. So that's where Rebecca and I spent our afternoon. Which is fine until it's time to pick Jaquelyn up and I have to run over to her school and then swing by the house to pick up which ever teenager is working after me.
Such is the busy life we lead. Now we are off to the YMCA for kids boot camp that Jaquelyn enjoys so much.
Eventually I will catch up and put the photos from Easter up here but for are a few photos from our trip up to New England...Enjoy!

Rebecca and Beepa (Dan's Dad)

Jaquelyn and Nana (Dan's Mom)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

We are home safe and sound and looking forward to a relaxing day with Dan. I hope everyone has a blessed Easter with their families. I also hope that Passover goes well too.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bloggy Redo

OMG I don't like pink. I was trying for blue. YIKES!!

Good Friday

We are still up in Massachusetts with Dan's family. Today is Good Friday so we celebrated with a day of fasting and a trip to church. We have been having a good time over all. Dan's sister Linda came down with her husband and kids on Wednesday so that was really fun. Last night we had movie night with his other sister Marghee. The older girls watched Get Smart with us and the younger two watched Hocus Pocus. Tonight we are watching Journey To The Center of the Earth, this time all together.
Tomorrow morning, we load up the van and head home to spend Easter with Dan.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Road Trip

The girls and I are heading up to Massachusetts to spend a few days with Dan's family. I will have my laptop with me but will probably not be blogging much. Hope everyone has a good week!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

So it's Friend Makin' Monday once again. This week, Kasey wants us to list the things that get us upset. I think I will go ahead and skip the 1001 things my children do that annoy me since I could go on all day about that. I'll stick with the things that strangers do that drive me to yell at them, even if it's only in my head or in the privacy of my own vehicle.

1. Stupid drivers. This is the one that will push me over the edge so quickly. I can't stand people who think they own the road and can drive how ever they feel like. I especially get irritated at drivers who don't use their turn signals. Sorry if this upsets anyone but I just can't stand it.

2. When people think that they don't have to follow the rules that everyone else does. One in particular is the uniform code at my Jaquelyn's school. I make my daughter follow it to the letter and other parents just let their kids wear anything.

3. When someone says they will be somewhere and then just blows you off and doesn't even let you know. Jaquelyn had a sleepover Sunday night and invited all the girls in her class. Two girls that said they were coming, including one whose parent said their daughter was coming, just never showed. Jaquelyn was very upset.

4. Ok...this is a bit whiny but I hate it when I put together, what I think is a good post, and no one comments on it. I know that is so silly since we are supposed to blog for ourselves. It's not every post that I think I should get comments on, just some of the ones that I think are good. I know, I am such a baby. Everyone can just ignore this one.

5. hhmmmmmm I am having trouble thinking of a 5th one. I will borrow one from Kasey and go with swearing in front of my kids. We were waiting in line at 6 flags one year and these morons a few people behind us were talking worse than any sailor I have ever heard. I was appalled that they would speak like that at a place where there are children everywhere.

So there's what I can think of this late at night. As usual, there's probably something...or many things...I will think of later that I can't believe I've forgotten. Anyhow, if you want to join in or just meet some new friends, you can head over to Kasey's blog.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Color Guard Competition

Yesterday Teresa's color guard had their last performance of the year. Lucky for me, this one was here in town. The others have been more than an hour away. I thought they did very well but then I haven't ever seen another group perform. I took a few pictures and video but they didn't come out too well. It's weird because my camera changed the color of the flags. They are actually purple but they look kinda blue. They were not able to compete since they were the hosts, but they still received a score and they had improved from their last performance.
Anyhow, I thought I would show everyone how cute she looks. She is the lead person in the video.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm A Winner!

I put a button on the side of my blog several weeks ago promoting the Profoundly Pictures raffle from Profoundly Seth. They were raising money to help offset the costs of the implants for their son's ears. I had participated in the raffle which ended last weekend. I just happened to go and check who the winners were and.....I was one of them!
Here's what I won....

Heidi gets the customized taggy blanket from Liz over at
Loving Mom 2 Boys.

Too Cool....It must be my lucky day. Maybe I'll go play the lottery or something.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rebecca's 4 Year Old Portraits

Yesterday I finally made it to Sears to get Rebecca's 4 year old pictures taken. I was only 2 months overdue. I of course spent much more than I expected to but as usual, once I saw all the cute pics, I just couldn't resist.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dentist Days

This week was dentist week at our house. Taylor, Teresa and I hit our dentist on Tuesday and Jaquelyn and Rebecca went yesterday. These trips were much like our last visits to the dentist. You can read about them here and here. It is so frustrating to know that I am brushing my teeth twice as often as they are but I am still the only one getting fillings. They even mentioned that Teresa needed to brush a lot more than she is or she will have major problems when she get older....but she still didn't have any cavities. I have all the rotten luck when it comes to those.
The exciting bad news this time was all about my teeth. They asked if I grind my teeth and I mentioned that I used to. Apparently, I still do. I have been grinding my teeth so much, I have cracked one of my fillings and it needs to be replaced. Ahhhh, this is why it hurts to chew on the left side of my mouth. Terrific. Great. Wonderful. Have I mentioned that I am a ginormous baby when it comes to dental work? I can handle the cleanings and check up no problem. You want to get in there with a needle and out for the panic attacks and water works. I actually asked them if they do sedation such luck but they do have nitrous oxide which I will be absolutely requesting. I don't care if my insurance doesn't cover it.
So anyhow, I think the hygienist mentioned to me about 5 times to get a new night guard and wear it....every night. So I get to go back to looking like a linebacker when I go to sleep...woohoo. What fun.