Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Vacation

Since we really aren't up to too much right now, I figured I would put together a few posts about our summer vacation. Every year around the 4th of July we drive to La Crosse, Wisconsin to spend time with my family there. We look forward to it all year and always have a terrific time. My Aunt lives on the Mississippi river and we spend our time playing on her dock, water skiing and jet skiing. I will probably break this up into several posts to make the pictures easier for me to handle.

Here is my husband with Becca floating around.

Here is Taylor on skis

Teresa skiing too.

And here I am skiing away.

Here is my dad floating with Jaquelyn and Rebecca. If you are wondering about the plastic cover on Jaquelyn's foot, she sliced her foot open the day before we left for La Crosse and ended up with 8 stitches on her foot. Not the best of beginnings for a water-filled vacation but she was pretty good about her limited activities and we did our best to give her some time in the water.

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