Thursday, November 5, 2009

Finally A Halloween Post

I am getting lazy again with the whole blogging thing. There are a ton of things I keep thinking about blogging about but just can't seem to get around to actually doing it. So I finally decided to download my Halloween pictures and put a quick post together before I started my computer work.

Halloween is a fun time around here. I enjoy decorating and am always on the look out for cute decorations the week following Halloween. Through the years I have collected quite a few and love putting them up in different places and trying new things with them.
My dad comes to visit us each year at Halloween and we look forward to the a lot too.
Since I am a totally mean and cruel mother, my kids are not allowed to trick or treat when they hit the teen years so it's just Rebecca and Jaquelyn that actually get candy. Teresa and Taylor stay home and get to give out the candy...and eat a fair amount of it I'm sure.
This is the first year we have tried going around our own neighborhood and it seemed to go pretty well. We live in a fairly new neighborhood so in the past there really weren't enough houses that were occupied to bother with staying around here but they pulled in a good amount of candy just walking around here.

Here are Hermione (from Harry Potter in case anyone didn't know) and my little angel.


heidi said...

Super cute girls, as usual! Did you dress up?

Bridget said...

Love their costumes and how cute is that pumpkin!!!

Shosh said...

so cute!

Anonymous said...

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