Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's About Time

There's nothing like spring to see kids playing outside, having fun, rollerskating and riding bikes. That is, except in this household. What is a great birthday present when you are 8 years old? A brand new pink bike with streamers and everything...unless you are my daughter. Then it's the worst present ever. You see...Jaquelyn, my ten year old, has never wanted to learn to ride a bike. She has had this great, NOT a hand-me-down bike for almost 3 years now and refuses to ride it. It didn't matter that all her friends in our neighborhood would ride past our house without her. No matter how much I begged or threatened or tried to cajole her, she had no interest. Until today...
This morning she hopped on Rebecca's little bike and rode it down the herself...with no prodding, or begging, or bribery attempts. She simply said, "I think I am ready to learn how to ride my bike". So I put air in the tires and after school she put on her helmet to try it out. It was amazing. In less than 10 minutes, she was riding down the street. She doesn't have it completely mastered but if she keeps trying she will have it down in a matter of days.
All I have to say is...It's about time!



Bridget said...

WOOHOO Jaquelyn! You go girl, you did it in your own time and LOOK AT YOU GO!! Congratulations :D

Heidi Ashworth said...

Cute! How fun! It looks like spring has hit your part of the world. Yay! And your new blog look is very pretty!

heidi said...

Go Jaquelyn go!