Sunday, April 18, 2010

Softball Saturday

It is officially softball season. Both Rebecca and Jaquelyn had their first games of the season yesterday. Here's the beginning of several months of super early dinners, multiple trips to the ball park and being up way past bedtime.
Rebecca's t-ball games are all on Saturday 8am. What fun. She had lots of fun at her first game. She did a very good job and did well hitting too.

Jaquelyn's team is a little different this year. They are working on building up the girls' pitching skills so the innings start with them pitching and then if they are having trouble, the coach comes in and takes over. It makes the games take a lot longer. So in the two hours allotted for their game they played 4 innings. And Jaquelyn only got up to bat once. And she was hit by the first pitch thrown. So I didn't even get a good picture of her at bat. Bummer. She did much better in the field this year than she did last year. No playing in the dirt/grass at all.


Bridget said...

Awww, adorable baseball players. You had me giggling at your comment earlier because until Kyle got his uniform, his team was supposed to be the Yankees...I like the Red Sox better :D

He & Me + 3 said...

Yeah for softball and t-ball. They are so cute in their uniforms. Stunt Man is going to be the Devil Rays. It does look like a nice day. Our practice day was overcast and cold. Not a good combo.