Tuesday, May 11, 2010

St. Timothy Youth Award

Recently, I heard about the St. Timothy award for the first time. Our youth ministry leader contacted me about it. She explained the award to me and then told me she had nominated Taylor. She was calling to let me know that Taylor had won the award. I was tickled for Taylor! We discussed going to the award ceremony and decided to make the whole thing a surprise for Taylor. So I all I told her was we were going to a dinner thing with Mrs. Duncan and Sister Kathleen. She is pretty easy going and didn't ask any questions...which made it pretty easy to keep it a surprise!
We waited until we were at the award dinner sitting around the table chatting before handing her the program (that had the names listed in it!) She was sooooo shocked! She shouldn't be though, she enjoys helping out at the church with all the youth functions so much. She has been a peer minister for the last two years for the confirmation groups. Here is what the brochure said about the St. Timothy award...

St. Timothy Youth Award
Parish leaders may name one young person from their parish for this national award. The St. Timothy Award is the highest recognition from the NFCYM for a diocese to confer to a junior or senior high school youth who lives as a disciple of Christ, sets a positive example for other youth, witnesses to their faith by exhibiting Catholic morals and integrity, demonstrates Gospel values through service to others, and exhibits Christian leadership in parish, school, and/or community settings.

I am so proud of my awesome daughter!


Bridget said...

Congratulations to Taylor!! :D

He & Me + 3 said...

That is such an honor and would make my head swell with pride for my child. Congrats Taylor. Keep up the great work.