Friday, May 21, 2010

Swimming Lessons

On a spur of the moment one day, while at the YMCA, I decided Rebecca needed swim lessons. Although she was a pretty decent swimmer last summer I realized that she hasn't even been in a pool since the outdoor one closed last year. Probably not the best way to start the swimming season. So I signed her up.
I took a guess on which level she was since the descriptions are less than helpful. After the first class I decided that was NOT the class for her. One teacher, eight kids in the 3-5 year old range, all of which were swimming circles around my daughter. The class before on the other one. So I told the instructor that I was going to pull her back into the earlier class. He reluctantly agreed (probably enjoyed the 1/2 hour off). Although a little boy has since joined her class, her first one during that time slot was just her. I soooo adore private swim lessons for a fraction of the cost! Even now it's practically private since there are just the two of them. You just can't beat it!
Today I discussed the swim test with her and she decided to take it. Their swim test is treading water for one minute in the deep end and then swimming the length of the pool to the shallow end wall. She is still having a bit of trouble with the treading water thing but....she is now the proud owner of a green wristband from the Y!! (Red bands=shallow end, Green bands=deep end) I'm so proud of my girl!!!


Bridget said...

Way to go, Rebecca! YAY for the green band!

Bridget said...

pssst, there's something for you over at my blog :D

He & Me + 3 said...

Look at her go. Wow. Great job on the green wrist band. Woo hoo. Awesome job Rebecca! Cute in the goggles.