Friday, October 9, 2009

Boot To The Head

Well I know I joked about my poor hubby and his bump on the head but it really was quite the bump. He had a cat scan done Sunday evening at the emergency room but everything was normal. The doc said no work til Wednesday but see your regular doc first. We went and saw a doctor at the practice (his regular was sick) and she said no work all week! He was still feeling pretty dizzy when ever he moved around and being in a moving vehicle was particularly bad for him. He was rather slow when answering her questions, yk the ones they ask when trying to test your cognitive skills. Like, what day of the week is it...count backwards from 100 by 7's...who is the president...etc.
We went back today and he did much better ( with only minor cheating such as memorizing the counting backwards thing and checking the calendar for the date & day of the week before she came in). He has been cleared to head back to work on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday for his office). I am hoping he is truly better by then. Driving for himself is still a little iffy but hopefully by Tuesday that will have faded too.
It's times like these that I truly dislike the place he works at. They have NO sick leave. If you don't have any vacation time saved up and you get sick, then you don't get paid. This totally stinks!! He is hoping to be able to claim short term disability so we will get a portion of his check but otherwise, this is a whole week with no pay. Not good in times like these. I have applied to several places in town looking for a part time job to pick up some extra work but nothing has come of it so far. This is a definite disadvantage to living in a small(er) town. There are not nearly enough overnight positions available. Oh well, keep your fingers crossed and hopefully something comes up soon.


He & Me + 3 said...

That stinks about hubs still not feeling 100% and his job. ouch. Hoping you find something that works for you too.

Bridget said...

We live in a small town, too, so I totally know what you mean about the job availability! If you don't know somebody who knows somebody who knows someone's sister, then you don't have a lot of opportunites around here.

Hope your husband continually gets to feeling better!

heidi said...

UGH!!! Did I miss it somewhere? How did he hit his head?? I'm glad he's doing ok now though.

Orah said...

oh gosh, hope he is better. And I would be slow counting backwards by 7 even without a bump to the noggin.