Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Look At What I Got To Do!!!

For Christmas last year, my sweet, wonderful, awesome husband surprised me with quite the unusual gift. An introductory flight lesson! My husband...the one who not only *loathes* flying but doesn't like it when the girls and I fly either. Who'da thunk it?
My sister-in-law came down from Massachusetts to go up with me and she is the awesome photographer.
I never realized how close some of the towns in our area are "as the crow flies". It takes about 45 minutes to get from where the airport is to a little town near us called St. Michaels. Up in the air...they are about 5 minutes across the water from each other. I flew the plane over to our town and checked out the sites. I found our house, the coffee shop, and lots of other places. I circled around our house twice so that Dan and the girls could come out and see us flying past. Wicked cool!!

Here Marghee and I are in front of the plane.

Here is the instructor. His name was Seth. OMG was he HOT!!! I do not normally check other guys out, yk since I'm married and all but when one is shoved under your nose it's hard to miss. I wish I had a better picture but these two with the plane were taken with my cell phone because my camera ran out of juice during the flight. I figure it's ok to look, right?? And maybe convince Marghee to come back and take her own lesson...with Seth as her teacher.

Here is our neighborhood.


Shosh said...

that is sooo cool! i would be way too terrified to do it though!

Marghee said...

Ok - if you look at the video please notice that Heidi DOES NOT SEEM TO BE WATCHING WHERE SHE IS GOING

He & Me + 3 said...

He is a cutie. Wow. Love the video...good for you being so brave. i hate to fly, but that just looks so cool. FUN!

Bridget said...

Oh WOW! That must have been so AWESOME!

heidi said...

YAY! You finally got to go!!! I'm totally jealous! Next time, tho, jump out of the plane too, ok? LOL