Monday, October 19, 2009

Holly Hobbie Dress

Here is another old post to read. This one is from last year around this time.

We didn't do much to post about this weekend so I had to come up with something different. I noticed a dress in Rebecca's closet that she hadn't tried on yet. This dress was made for me by my grandmother when I was about 2. We've always called the dress my "Holly Hobbie" dress. Over the years, each of my girls have worn the dress with pictures taken. I went on a hunt a few days ago and found pictures of Taylor and Teresa but couldn't find Jaquelyn. Then I remembered that I used to used to develop all my film. Lo and behold I found her picture on their website. I took pictures of Rebecca wearing the dress and now I can post pictures of each of us wearing the dress. Cool, huh? Unfortunately, the bonnet disappeared along the way.

Here I am wearing it with the bonnet at 2 or 3

Here is Taylor at 3 or 4 with my grandparents. This is my grandmother that made the dress for me.

Here is Teresa wearing the dress. Again at my grandparents house a few years later.

Jaquelyn wore it for Easter when she was 3.

And finally it was Rebecca's turn.


He & Me + 3 said...

Absolutely adorable. I think that is awesome that you have pictures too of everyone in it.

Shosh said...

wow. thats so cool. too bad the bonnet disappeared, its so cute!