Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Word-Full Wednesday

We are currently on vacation in Massachusetts visiting with Dan's family. Since I am so well prepared and organized I certainly did not leave my camera-computer cord hooked up to my computer at home. So since "wordless" was out of the question, I opted for "word-FULL". Works for me!
We are having lots of fun up here and I will be posting plenty of pictures next week when I can finally get them off my camera. On Monday we went to the beach with Dan's sister Linda and 3 of her kids. My younger two had a blast!! They played with the boogie boards and had loads of fun with her two boys. The older ones had fun also but not like the little ones.
Last night was the Drive-In. We saw Toy Story 3 and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Both good movies. Going to the Drive-In in the summer time is very fun but soooooo late! The first movie did not even start until almost 9pm. I was very glad that I had already taken Rebecca and Jaquelyn to see The SA. That movie was the second one so it didn't matter that they both fell asleep long before it was over! I was getting tired myself by the time the SA was finishing up at 12:45am. We didn't get home until almost 2am! But lots of fun was had by all. We brought lots of popcorn, candy and drinks. I was totally nauseous by the end of the first movie so I abstained from anymore junk but the older two continued to enjoy the rare smorgasbord of candy that I had bought for the movie.
Today we are heading to Canobie Lake Park. An amusement park with both regular and water based rides. The girls are all looking forward to it. I have been hearing about it for years but never been so I am curious to see what it is like.
Tomorrow we are scheduled to do the Freedom Trail in Boston but the weather is looking like rain so I'm not sure if we will still make it there or not...we'll see!


He & Me + 3 said...

Oh I was just checking on the drive in for us. That does sound fun. I so want to go.
Sounds like you all are staying busy and enjoying yourself. Can't wait to see pictures. FUN

Bridget said...

It sounds like you guys are having fun, can't wait to see the pictures next week! Hope the weather holds up so you all can do the Freedom Trail.