Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jaquelyn's First Day Of School

Today was Jaquelyn's first day of school and boy was she excited. Yesterday we went to her school for the orientation/meet your teacher day, so she already knew where her desk was located. She also found her locker. (yes she gets a locker in 4th grade. The smaller classrooms don't have enough room to fit all the backpacks and other assorted kidstuffs)

When I picked her up after school, she was still excited and said she had a great day. Her teacher seems very nice and even bought popsicles for the class to enjoy when their parents picked them up. There are 14 kids in her class, we lost 6 from last year and gained 3 new kids. It seems the farther up in private schools you go, the smaller the classes are. In 1st grade there were 21 kids in her class and it has gotten smaller each year.

Here is her desk.

I have to say that I love her uniform. It is a blue plaid and they are allowed to were several different types of shirts underneath it. She also has the option of a pair of shorts of the same material for certain months.

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