Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Swim Lessons

Rebecca and Jaquelyn are taking swim lessons again. This time at the YMCA. We just got a membership at the beginning of the month and are trying to use as many of the facilities that we can. I am hoping by next summer that they will both be very good swimmers.

Jaquelyn does really great but still needs to work on her style quite a bit. She passed the swim test on Tuesday so she can now go anywhere in the pool she wants. She is doing well in the class and enjoys it a lot. She is the fastest swimmer in her class (as shown in the video I took where they were racing) and is very proud of that fact.

Rebecca is doing well in her class too. There are two other girls in her class who are right around the same level as her. She loves to swim and is getting pretty good. She can swim a short distance by herself with her face in the water (as seen in the video) and swims better with goggles or a face mask.

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