Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me! Monday #11

Hello one and's the most wonderful time of the year week where we get to bear our souls to one and all. Now is the time to find out all the things that didn't happen to everyone....and find out that you might be a normal mother after all.

I did NOT receive a phone call from my husband at work asking me if there was anything wrong/if I was ok. He was not worried because I hadn't posted my Not Me! Monday post yet. Of course he doesn't think I am that addicted to blogging. I always use my time wisely and only blog when everything else is finished around the house.
If that had happened and I informed him that I would be using this for my first Not Me!, he would not have muttered a swear word. Nope, we never use swear words since we are always a good example for our kids, even if they aren't around.

I am not tickled that MckMama finally fessed up the secret of crossing out words in bloggy land. I didn't totally try it out already in this blog. Not me!

I didn't completely forget to write anything down for Not Me! Monday this week because life with 4 kids is really hectic in December. I always write things down so I won't forget them.

My husband did ask me to do 2 things last week and I didn't forget to do both of them. I am a good wife and I take care of things whenever my husbands asks me to do them.

I am not trying to make Christmas presents for my mom and my dad because none of the stores in our area have what I am looking for. I am not a not-so-good sewer so there is a chance they will not come out anywhere near what I am trying for. (Of course I can't mention what they are since my parents occasionally read this but if they do turn out, I will post about them after the holidays.)

I have not not come up with ideas for teacher/leader gifts yet this year. My kids do not have over 12 adults in that group that I should be getting things for very soon. I am not starting to freak out that I will run out of time and have to get something lame.
I did not just take a guess on how to do underlining and squeal when it worked. I am much to grown up for that.
That is what I can think of for this week....I am sure I am forgetting many, many things I didn't do. Pop over to MckMama's and check out what other people haven't been's lot of fun!


Dan said...
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Dan said...

I am not cursing at my EX-wife for putting me in the blog and I am not going to call her and ask why she didn't ask me about crossing out words in bloggy land ( called striking out by people that have actually written html code ) wonder if she knows anyone that knows html.

Dan said...

Oh and I am not going to comment on the fact that while the EX-wife did remember to post on not me Monday she forgot to take care of things for her EX-husband ... she still forgot to ACTUALLY DO THEM!!!! That is why the EX is there....

heidi said...

LOL! I think the best part of the whole entry is Dan's comment!!! LOL

LucieP said...

your girls are beautiful!
yay that your hubby is thoughtful about Not Me! Mine still shakes his head when I tell him about blog world.....
I am also excited that MckMama taught us how to cross things's the little things that count!

The Martin Family said...

My husband walked downstairs this morning, saw the computer up, and the first words out of his mouth were, "What number on the list are you?" Does he think I am that obsessed that I would care what number I was on the MckMama link:) Crazy man!

Good luck with the 'parent' gifts.