Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sick Little Girl

Well Rebecca finally succumbed to the sickness that is all around. She was running a fever yesterday of 103 even after a dose of tylenol and one of ibuprofen two hours later. It finally hovered around 101 by bedtime and this morning it is finally under 100. She coughed all night long as her sinus' dripped down her throat continuously. She is feeling better today but I am going to break down and drive the hour to her dr's just to make sure it's nothing serious. Normally I would let her tough it out but we are leaving soon to make the trek up to Massachusetts for the holidays and I want to make sure everything is ok before we leave.
I truly hope that she is ok and she doesn't pass it along to everyone else in the family so we can all be sick for Christmas.
I hope everyone else is doing well this week. I haven't even gotten a chance to make the rounds to read everyone's blogs. This is just too busy a time of year!


Marghee said...

My poor bunny - hope the antibiotics knock it out of her quickly (so she doesn't get us all sick!!!)

Shosh said...

curious...why is the doctor so far away?

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