Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Couple First Day Of School Events

I am sure that everyone who normally reads my blog has completely given up on me but that doesn't mean I have given up on blogging. I know I have been full of excuses all summer but I am hoping things will settle back down now that 3 out of 4 are back in school. Rebecca will be in shortly too, just not sure what day yet...but that's a whole different story.
So anyhow...since I completely dropped the ball last week when Taylor and Teresa started, I will combine them with Jaquelyn's first day.

My sweet oldest daughter is starting her last year of high school. What a shock to the system to realize that time has flown by so quickly. Where did all the years go? Well, I still obligated her with first day of school pictures but at least she doesn't have to worry about me taking her to school to do the "sitting at your desk" picture. That one went away when they started middle school and changed classrooms. Lucky them!
She has most of her credits already so she is able to get out at 12:15 each day (lucky me, the chauffeur). She is hoping to find a job at a local restaurant soon to save up some money for college next year.

Teresa is starting her sophomore year. WE are going to get started on earining her service learning hours this year so we don't have to try to cram them in before she graduates. (In case you are not from Maryland, the requirements to graduate are 75 hours of service learning...which are different somehow from community service but I'm not totally clear on how) We are keeping our fingers crossed that this years grades are much better than last years. We'll see...

Jaquelyn's first day of 5th grade was yesterday. It went much better than the orientation the day before. The orientation day was totally unorganized (just the 5th graders part of course)and the parents spent the time just hanging around and chatting rather than figuring out the schedules (since they didn't have any schedules printed out for the 5th graders). For the first day of school that was fixed and we now have a schedule for each period and know when all her specials (library, art, gym, etc) are each week. I can't believe she's into a kilt and oxford already...sniff, sniff. She's just too young. I wish this school changed in 6th grade like most schools do. But she really likes it so that's all that really matters...not her mother's broken heart.


He & Me + 3 said...

Their outfits are cute. I love first day of school pictures. Everything is new.

Bridget said...

Very nice pics of the girls! Hope they have a great school year!!

Orah said...

i did not give up on you, welcome back.

heidi said...

Squueeee!!! You're back! I missed you. :-)

Happy 1st day to everyone! What's up with Rebecca's first day?

Teresa sure grew up a lot over the summer, didn't she? Beautiful young woman you have there!

Tell your surly husband that the other heidi said hello.


Pam said...

I feel so old! They are growing up so quickly. I can't believe Taylor is a Senior. Jackie looks so "grown" in her kilt. Cute!