Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Post About Nothing

Well there's not much going on around these parts so I'll just give you a run down of the latest happenings.
Friday my friend Pam (who lives about an hour from here) came over with her daughter Micayla who is friends with my two older girls. Taylor helped her through some Algebra problems she was having. Then she went over to spend the night at their house and ended up staying until Sunday. Teresa went to "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" with her friend Kelsey and then spent the night at her house. Jaquelyn, Rebecca and I watched "Race To Witch Mountain" (my choice how pitiful).

Saturday I picked Teresa up from her sleep over. Jaquelyn and Rebecca played with our neighbors all day. Dan and I went out for dinner (a very rare treat) at an awful Mexican restaurant here in town. Now I remember why we never go to that restaurant...because the service is mediocre and the food is icky!

Sunday meant Sunday school for Jaquelyn, church for all and a trip across the bridge to pick up Taylor. While we were there we checked out a few stores for Halloween costumes but didn't find anything worthy. Although Taylor did find a cute skirt at Hot Topic (I truly cannot stand that store!)

Monday meant off to school for the kids and a trip to the YMCA for me. I have really been enjoying Cardio Tennis. They have it MWF at 9am and MW at 6pm. Yesterday was the first time I tried both am & pm classes and I think I did ok at it. Teresa takes the evening class too. I hope the weather stay nice for awhile so we can continue the class into October and maybe even November!

Today was even less to blog about....I caught up on some season premiers. Went to the bank for the coffee shop. Hung out on Facebook. Jaquelyn has Kids Boot Camp at the Y this afternoon....that is truly it. Our life has taken a turn for the boring but I'm ok with things being a bit slow right now. It's nice after having such a busy summer.

I guess that's about it...pretty much nothing happening.

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He & Me + 3 said...

We have matching posts. Glad you are enjoying your class.