Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rebecca's First Day Of School 2009

Well it is Rebecca's turn for the whole first day of school fun! She was pretty excited to be going to a new school. She went to a local church run preschool last year in their 3 year old program but this year she is at the public school in their pre-k program. She will be there Monday through Friday from 9:15am until 11:30am. She will miss her teachers and friends from last year but I am hoping she will do well in this school.

On a side note:
Boy this economy sure stinks! I am so upset about taking out of the other school. She really loved it but we just couldn't squeeze her tuition out of our budget this year. I may even have to *gasp* get a job! I are all saying "It's about time you lazy schmuck". I really like being a stay at home mom. I am hoping to find something overnight so that I won't have to worry about childcare but that remains to be seen. Unfortunately, most of the overnight shifts in this area seem to get off at 8am and I have to be off before 7am. Since Dan leaves for work at 5am and the older two leave for the school bus at 7am, someone has to be there for Rebecca and Jaquelyn, so the time is non-negotiable.
Well I suppose I should get ready to go pick her up. I hope her first day went well. School actually started two weeks ago so she is starting a bit late but I didn't even realize they had opened their pre-k program up to everyone this year until last week.


Orah said...

so cute. She looks happy to go.

He & Me + 3 said...

What a cutie. She looks so excited for school. Hope it was a great day.

Pam said...

Our baby is growing up! And boy does she look like Jaquelyn. Cutie pie!

Shosh said...

what do you mean you didnt realize they had opened it up to everyone? who is it usually for?