Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Countdown To....

I saw this idea on another blog to help kids understand how long it will be until a baby will be born. I decided to steal it to help Rebecca understand how long until Daddy will be home. She was very excited to help me make our paper chain. She and Jaquelyn take turns taking off a loop each day.
And just a quick throw out to Not Me! Monday...I did not have to take down my Christmas Cards that were all around this doorway to put this paper chain up. I certainly did not still have my Christmas Cards up in August. Not me!! (I like to look at the pictures so I figure why take them down so they can sit in a drawer when I can keep them up and actually look at them!)


Bridget said...

Hehehe! I haven't left my Christmas stuff up for a while, either...

The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

We just did this for our countdown to kindergarten! Do it all the time for big events when the kids start driving me insane with the never ever endless bantering:
"how many more day?"
"how much longer?"
"is it here yet?"
"is it tomorrow yet?"
"how many more hours?"
"Can you wipe my butt?"

Well the last one isn't really related, but it all starts running together, ya know?!!

Glad the daddy is coming home soon :)

He & Me + 3 said...

That is a great idea. Wonder if you can do that for a car ride? LOL