Saturday, August 14, 2010

Swim Lesson For Rebecca

Even though this child has had swim lessons galore, I try to keep her in them every so often to try to improve her strokes. She can pass the deep end test at our pool but she still does not quite have the breathing routine down for freestyle. She just can't seem to get the part where her head goes to the side instead of coming straight up. Maybe she'll get it someday. In the summertime, our local community pool offers lessons by the week. As usual, I kept forgetting to sign her up by the Thursday before hand so she kept missing them. Luckily, I managed to squeeze in for the last week of the summer. She was soooo excited!
There is something extra special about lessons at this pool. The kids who are able to swim well enough, are allowed to jump off the lifeguard tower at the end of the lesson during free swim (last 5 minutes). This is absolutely the best part of these lessons and the only reason my kids like them better than the Y. In fact Jaquelyn was jealous of Rebecca and wanted to know why she didn't get lessons too. Who cares that she can swim perfectly fine and would have been completely bored through the whole lesson...she would have gotten to jump off the guard tower!! Maybe when she's older she can become a life guard and then get to jump off again. Otherwise, I'm not paying for unnecessary lessons.


heidi said...

Woohooo!!! I need to get Corbs into swimming lessons, I think. The girls both started at 3 or 4 and we've never regretted it.

WTSwim Rebecca!

He & Me + 3 said...

Too cute. We have been talking about getting Stunt Man some lessons too. He is trying...but we want him to learn how to do it properly.

Bridget said...

Glad she is doing so well with her lessons!! Great pictures, too!

Bridget said...
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