Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Pictures On Black Friday

I took the girls to Sears yesterday to get their pictures taken for Christmas. I know, I know, what was I thinking....going to the mall on Black Friday. To tell you the truth, it really didn't cross my mind until much later and I just wanted to get them over with so I didn't want to reschedule.
We were actually supposed to get them taken on Wednesday. We had the whole day planned out. Jump in the van, Dan would meet us at the portrait studio, get the pictures done, Dan would take the younger two home and we would meet my friend Pam and her daughter Micayla and just hang out for awhile. Ah, the best laid plans.... My van didn't like this idea so it decided it wasn't going to start. Several hours later, I had a new battery and a working van but no pictures...bummer. So I called and rescheduled, not thinking about what day it was but just to go them as quickly as possible so they would be back in time to send out with our Christmas cards.
Of course I forgot until the next day that it would be a CRAZY idea to go to the mall on Black Friday. I decided to just go along with it and hope for the best. Sometimes I am such a blonde it scares me. The whole reason I had planned the pictures for Wednesday was the buy one sheet get one free coupon that only worked Monday - Thursday. Guess when I remembered that the portrait studio...AFTER our pictures were finished. Talk about bummed. I am all about portrait coupons. I did have another one but I REALLY wanted to use the other one.
Anyhow, I will post some of the pictures tomorrow when I am not so sleepy. They came out pretty good (not biased at all) and I actually have the copyright release so I can do anything I want with them. I am pretty excited about that since it's the first time I've gotten that.


Jennifer said...

I got all excited about getting to see some pics and now I have to wait..geez!! LOL! Just kidding! Can't wait to see them! I bet there great!

heidi said...

Can't wait to see them!! I am SUCH a slacker and haven't had any professional pictures done of the kids in years. In fact, neither boy has had any. LOL

I'm supposed to do the Christmas card photo shoot today...hoping THAT works out.