Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I did not get a phone call at 5:45 am from one of the employees at my husband's coffee shop on Thursday because she didn't have a key and needed to get in. If that did happen, I certain wouldn't have gone and dropped it off in my pajama's because I didn't feel like getting dressed. That wasn't me. I would never go out of the house in my pajama's, especially if I knew I was going to see someone I had never even met. I am also not the person who picked her daughter up from the bowling alley at 11pm on Saturday in her pajama's.

I am not the person who just blogged about gas prices hitting $1.99. I am much more interesting than that. I have lots of things going on in my life to blog about. Who gets excited about the price of gas anyhow? Not me!

I am definitely not the woman who went to the dentist and had two cavities filled and had tears streaming down her face. That was absolutely not me! I am not a big coward when it comes to the dentist. I love getting shots and the noise of that drill. What fun!

I did not forget about BOTH Teresa's and Jaquelyn's girl scout meetings this week. On two seperate days! I always have everything written down and make sure we are early and not 20 minutes late.

I am not the woman whose teenaged daughter had a date this weekend. That would mean she is growing up. My children are all too young to date and will be for the next 20-40 years.

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heidi said...

A DATE?!?! GOod grief. How'd it go??

Heidi @tayterjaq said...

I guess it went ok....I was very sad. I soooo don't want her to grow up, but I guess 16 MIGHT be old enough to date. I really feel 30 is a much better age to start dating.

Marghee said...

Poor kid - geesh - meanest mom in the whole wide world award is still yours :)

Michelle said...

Gas at $1.99.......that won't happen around here. But a girl can dream!

Jennifer said...

Dating, Wow! I'm so not looking forward to that!!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I guess I am not the one who is avoiding going to the dentist because she is afraid. :) Good list!