Monday, November 3, 2008


I know this is several days behind the times but this is the first chance I have gotten to sit down to the computer for awhile.
We had lots of fun on Halloween. Teresa is in the color guard at school and there was a football game on Friday so she wasn't even home all day. Taylor and my nephew Michael gave out candy and managed not to eat it all before giving it out to various children. Dan had to work at his local coffee shop that is opening (hopefully) this week. My dad and I took Rebecca and Jaquelyn trick or treating in a neighborhood close by.(since only 1 in 6 houses usually have lights on in our neighborhood)
As we are getting the younger girls ready to go, Rebecca decides she has no interest in being a ragdoll. Nothing like last minutes changes to keep things interesting. But really, this is actually ok with me since we have more costumes/dress up clothes in this house than Walmart. In the span of 10 minutes, she changed her mind at least 4 times, none of these choices were ones that I would have liked her to wear. Oh well, she finally makes up her mind that she wants to be a ballerina. I tried oh so hard to push the costume my mother gave her but she had her mind made up(finally!) So by this time, we are 45 minutes after the time we were going to leave and no costumes on yet. We finally got everyone ready and out the door. Trick or treating was a bit on the thin side this year it seemed to me. We went to the same neighborhood last year and it was jam packed. But the girls both got plenty of candy and had a blast so all is well. Here are my pictures to document the evening.


heidi said...

They all look great!! Cute girls!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

They look really cute!

Marghee said...

Personally I LOVE the contrast between Jacqueline & Taylor (RED) and Teresa & Becca (PINK) - thats aunites girls :)