Sunday, April 19, 2009

Opening Day 2009

Yesterday was opening day for softball/t-ball around here. Rebecca had her first t-ball game and that was lots of fun! We are very unfortunate to have a little Yankee on our hands but I think Dan will wait until her season is over before throwing her hat away. I am also hoping her grandfather will not disown us all for allowing her to be on that team but there's not much we can do. Rebecca's game was funny to watch. Most of the kids did not really understand the whole base running idea. Half would stand and watch the ball after they hit it. The others would run into the field trying to get the ball. Rebecca had no clue where to run and usually just ran around the field until an adult finally guided her to the base she was supposed to be on. She even ran to first holding the bat. It was cute and silly and lots of fun.

Then in the afternoon, Jaquelyn had her first game of the season and Teresa had a practice. Unfortunately, I forgot that Teresa's practice was about a half hour away so we went to the wrong field, which caused us to be even later than usual. It also meant that I couldn't leave her practice to pop over to Jaquelyn's game and check it out. Such a bummer. I took some pictures of Teresa but she was very uncooperative so most of them did not come out very well.

I had to rely on Dan and his camera phone for pictures of Jaquelyn at her game. The one of her on base came out pretty well but the at bat one seems a bit off. I'll be sure to be there with my camera for her next game so I can post more pictures then.


Heidi Ashworth said...

Kiddie sporting events are worth their weight in gold in comedy currency. So precious!

He And Me + 3 said...

sounds like you were just as crazy busy as I was the other day with all the soccer games. Isn't Tball fun to watch. So cute.

Orah said...

So cute - especially the little kiddies doing the line of low fives.

Shosh said...

My boys' first game got rained out! We seriously have the WORST weather!