Sunday, April 19, 2009


Heidi recently posted her 8th Wonder of the World post and I decided to take her up on a few of her challenges. I may eventually get to all of them but I decided to try the easiest ones first.
First off
Picture of myself taggy thing.

Here are the rules: Take a picture of yourself right now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture. Load the picture onto your blog. Tag some people to play.
Well I was lucky that I wasn't having too bad of a hair day although it is just thrown into a little ponytail because I was in a hurry this morning. Please try to ignore the messy room behind me...Taylor actually cleaned it at some point today but it's already a mess again.

Second verse, same as the first...more pictures
The Prom Picture Tag...

The Official Rules:
Leave me a comment guessing which Year the photos were taken. I will post the correct year in a few days after a few guesses come fun!

If I TAG you...DIG up your old Prom it and lets guess the date too...(if you really are that self-conscience and don't want us to know the date...maybe we can guess the decade?)
If you are married to your Prom date let us know! If you are not...try to post a Prom picture of your Prom & a second picture of your husbands prom too...let us know where each of your Dates are now...and their relationship status!! (and of course YOU are way cuter than his Prom date!) If you are Single...let us know where your Prom date is now!

I am gonna TAG some people...and then those taggers need to keep it going by tagging 5 other people! I can't wait to see all of your pictures! Fun huh!?

Ok, these are horrid but there you have it. Junior(blue dress) and Senior(pink dress) years pictures. I think junior year was Ted and senior year was Tom but I might have them mixed up. I did not actually date while I was in high school but I really wanted to go to my proms so I had friends fix me up so I didn't have to go alone.
I am so not married to my prom dates since my hubby is...a wee bit older. So any how, I have no idea where either of them are since I wasn't actually dating them. It was hard to even track them down afterward to give them some pictures. I have no idea what their last names even are.
Proms and hubby are a big joke around his house. It seems that he was the big catch during his high school years and went to more proms than anyone else in his family....if you add all the other kids proms up. (he's the oldest of 7 by the way) I think his mom even put a whole photo album together with a whole bunch of his prom pictures. I will try to dig it up somewhere.

Junior Year

Senior Year

Hmmmm.... I do not actually like the tagging thing. I always feel like someone will be upset if I tag them. I don't mind it but I can't read anyone else's mind so here's what I will do...if you think this looks like fun, then try it out, otherwise you can just laugh at my ridiculous dresses...that I still have...scary, huh? My kids use one for dress up and the other is with our Halloween costumes. The blue one has been used for little bo peep.


Jennisa said...

oh my, this was fun to see! :)

I don't know how you do it, but seriously, the "non-aging" thing has got to stop! :)

Jennisa said...

oh, and you KNOW that I would design a blog for you, for free, right? If you have something in mind, I'd love to do it for you! :)

heidi said...

Oh! Look - SOmeone wants to design a blog for you! How AWESOME!

Yk what's funny? I'm sitting here letting my children draw tattoos on me (yeah, I am) and they saw your picture and said - oh, that's Heidi? She looks nothing like you! LOL Like, because your name is Heidi you have to look like me? LOL

You're so cute with your curly hair and freckles! Thanks for playing along!!

Dan- come to Yellowstone this summer. It's historical. It's fun. It's a good family trip! Thing of all the places you could stop in between!

And, uh, shoot for uly or August. B ha ssurgery in June so it's kind of busy. ;-)

Heidi Ashworth said...

How cute are you!?!?!? Both at both proms and today!