Monday, April 20, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

This week there is a guest host for Friend Makin' Monday. You can head over to Andrea's blog to check out this week's fun.

Who are your top five celebrity crushes?
What celebrities make you drool?

I have not thought about this in many years. In fact I don't know if I will be able to come up with 5. Once I became an old married broad, it kinda seemed pointless.

Many years ago, I thought Arnold Schwarzenegger was to die for. No joke. Commando was my favorite movie and I would watch it over and over. T2 was a close second. It was only the Arnold of that time. Not before with the dorky page boy haircut he had before the nice buzz cut or as old as he has gotten now.

Brendan Fraser is very cute. I love the Mummy movies and I just bought Journey to the Center of the Earth which was really good too. He is cute in a pinch his cheeks kind of way to me.

Occasionally Robert Downey Jr. has a certain look about him that isn't too dorky. He looks pretty good in Ironman but he definitely needs to shave.

I think Booth(David Boreanaz) is pretty good looking but it's probably just because I like the show Bones so much.

I am grasping at straws here with these last two and can't come up with any more. Now, 20 years ago, I probably couldn't have narrowed it down to a mere 5 but I just don't pay attention more.


Xazmin said...

Being married hasn't made me blind! I so notice! (not in a bad way though...I think my husband's adorable!)

I love David Boreanaz! I remember I thought Brendan Frasier was so cute when Encino man came out!

Great had trouble coming up with 5, and I had trouble narrowing in down to 5! What does that say about me?

heidi @ ggip said...

Great post. I have to say the Robert Downy Jr comments made me laugh!

He And Me + 3 said...

I never really liked muscle guys, so Arnold was a big no, but the bones guy is a cutie. How about Richard Gere or George Clooney? I don't watch any TV anymore, so those are some old ones for me too.

Tanielle said...

Love the list...I loved Brenden too! And Arnold was awesome in T2.

Have a great night!


Stephanie said...

Brendan Fraser is yet another guy that I should have put on my list. I also really liked him in the movie With Honors.

AndreaLeigh said...

robert downey jr. is very sexy! loved him in iron man.