Monday, April 6, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

So it's Friend Makin' Monday once again. This week, Kasey wants us to list the things that get us upset. I think I will go ahead and skip the 1001 things my children do that annoy me since I could go on all day about that. I'll stick with the things that strangers do that drive me to yell at them, even if it's only in my head or in the privacy of my own vehicle.

1. Stupid drivers. This is the one that will push me over the edge so quickly. I can't stand people who think they own the road and can drive how ever they feel like. I especially get irritated at drivers who don't use their turn signals. Sorry if this upsets anyone but I just can't stand it.

2. When people think that they don't have to follow the rules that everyone else does. One in particular is the uniform code at my Jaquelyn's school. I make my daughter follow it to the letter and other parents just let their kids wear anything.

3. When someone says they will be somewhere and then just blows you off and doesn't even let you know. Jaquelyn had a sleepover Sunday night and invited all the girls in her class. Two girls that said they were coming, including one whose parent said their daughter was coming, just never showed. Jaquelyn was very upset.

4. Ok...this is a bit whiny but I hate it when I put together, what I think is a good post, and no one comments on it. I know that is so silly since we are supposed to blog for ourselves. It's not every post that I think I should get comments on, just some of the ones that I think are good. I know, I am such a baby. Everyone can just ignore this one.

5. hhmmmmmm I am having trouble thinking of a 5th one. I will borrow one from Kasey and go with swearing in front of my kids. We were waiting in line at 6 flags one year and these morons a few people behind us were talking worse than any sailor I have ever heard. I was appalled that they would speak like that at a place where there are children everywhere.

So there's what I can think of this late at night. As usual, there's probably something...or many things...I will think of later that I can't believe I've forgotten. Anyhow, if you want to join in or just meet some new friends, you can head over to Kasey's blog.


This Little Hen said...

Stopping by from FMM. After reading your number 4 i couldnt let this go un commented! I 100% agree with all of your top frustration instigators! Expecially bad drivers! Have a GREAT Monday!

Tanielle said...

Great list! Bad drivers are the worst, so frustrating!

Have a great Monday!


Kelli said...

Good list. I don't get the not showing up thing. How do people do that? I didn't make it to a birthday party last weekend (my son was sick) and I felt SO bad that I went to the neighbors to say sorry.

Kasey said...

those are good! and what are friends for if you can't confide in us what gets your goat ya know?!

honeysuckle said...

Hi, I agree completely with 1,2,3 and 4! And what a great post:) Have a great day too!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

What are rules for? To be followed in my book! I am with you on the rule breakers!!!

And shhhh....don't tell anyone but I love comments on my blog too!! :)

Have agret week!


Heather said...

i completely agree with number 4! :o) i love to blog for myself, but it's nice to get comments too!

have a wonderful day!

heidi said...

Um, I DO own the road. *ahem*

Xazmin said...

Ooh! I HATE when the kids don't wear the uniform. The parents are worse than the kids! If you didn't want to wear the uniform, don't pick a school with a uniform!!!

Okay. I'm done.

Great list!


Shawn said...

Doesn't everyone know that Sesame Street song that Cookie Monster sings really is....C is for COMMENTS!

Love your list, hate no shows and non-uniform conforming parents ~ you know it's not the kids fault!

Oh, Heidi, I own the road sweetie!

Julie said...

I can't stand NO SHOWS...that say they are coming and don't!!! How Rude can you be???

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Ah, that makes me sad that Jacquelyn's little friends did not show up! That does drive me crazy, especially when we've put a lot of effort into getting everything ready to have people over and they don't show! It's so disrespectful!

jennykate77 said...

The no comment thing can be very frustrating. I mean none of us write things just for ourselves. We blog so that others will read what we write and COMMENT. :) Great list!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Shosh said...

ALL those things make me crazy!!! Couldnt agree more!