Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dentist Days

This week was dentist week at our house. Taylor, Teresa and I hit our dentist on Tuesday and Jaquelyn and Rebecca went yesterday. These trips were much like our last visits to the dentist. You can read about them here and here. It is so frustrating to know that I am brushing my teeth twice as often as they are but I am still the only one getting fillings. They even mentioned that Teresa needed to brush a lot more than she is or she will have major problems when she get older....but she still didn't have any cavities. I have all the rotten luck when it comes to those.
The exciting bad news this time was all about my teeth. They asked if I grind my teeth and I mentioned that I used to. Apparently, I still do. I have been grinding my teeth so much, I have cracked one of my fillings and it needs to be replaced. Ahhhh, this is why it hurts to chew on the left side of my mouth. Terrific. Great. Wonderful. Have I mentioned that I am a ginormous baby when it comes to dental work? I can handle the cleanings and check up no problem. You want to get in there with a needle and out for the panic attacks and water works. I actually asked them if they do sedation such luck but they do have nitrous oxide which I will be absolutely requesting. I don't care if my insurance doesn't cover it.
So anyhow, I think the hygienist mentioned to me about 5 times to get a new night guard and wear it....every night. So I get to go back to looking like a linebacker when I go to sleep...woohoo. What fun.


Shosh said...

i am so scared of the dentist that i just dont go. plus we dont have dental insurance. but i did make an appointment for a few weeks from now...first time in years. and im scared to go!

jenjen said...

Ah - I'm so sorry about the mouth guard. I hate the dentist too. It's the worst!