Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back Again

I know I have been awful lately about blogging but life just seems to be getting in the way. Saturday was spent driving across the bridge to pick up Taylor from her friends house since they were back from the beach. I left Sunday afternoon to pick up Teresa from Massachusetts and just got back a little bit ago. Talk about a LOT of driving. I am so glad to be home now. Just in time to take a drive this weekend to Wisconsin for 2 weeks. La Crosse Here We Come! Yippee! I could definitely do without all the carsickness though. I think I am the only person who gets carsick when they are the driver instead of the passenger.
I will try to get some posts in this week before we head off for vacay and I totally drop the ball.


Orah said...

I know all too well, about not having time to blog. Have a great vacay.

Shosh said...

um YEAH your husband is right, AVOID chicago at all costs, our traffic is horrible this time of year! thats the joke about chicago...we have two seasons, winter and construction.

BUT we do have some awesome places to visit!!!

The jelly belly factory is actually in wisconsin, as is the strawberry picking - leave me a comment if you want more info on those places!