Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Teresa!!

Today is Teresa's 15th birthday.
I drove up to Dan's parents house on Sunday so she could be brought home on Monday because she didn't want to have to be traveling on her birthday. We made it back about 35 minutes before midnight so she was happy.
She got to have sugar cereal for breakfast...Reeses Puffs...which are never allowed in our house because I cannot condone chocolate for breakfast. White rice was lunch...her favorite. Breakfast for dinner is on the schedule tonight...eggs, bacon and her very favorite, pancakes. She is not much of a cake person so she picked cupcakes instead and got to make them and frost them herself which made her very happy since all my girls love to bake. Taylor made her some Reese's balls....a sinfully delicious treat we don't have too often since they are terribly unhealthy. We watched some Gilmore Girls, her favorite show and that was pretty much it. We haven't done presents yet but I hope she will like them. We didn't get her too much. The movie Taken, some new skirts that she wears over her jeans, a few odds & ends that she likes. She already opened up the ones from my parents and really liked those. A cute shirt & flip flops from my mom and a digital camera from my dad.
We are planning on heading over the bridge on Thursday to have a birthday party for her are not going to believe this one....Chuck E. Cheese's. That is where she picked to have her birthday party.

This was from the movie "Jingle All The Way". Teresa adored Turbo Man.

This is my favorite school picture of her. I loved her haircut this year.

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heidi said...

Awww!!! Happy birthday to her!! She's such a beautiful girl.