Monday, June 8, 2009

Jaquelyn's Birthday In Review

Jaquelyn's birthday was an awesome day. She started the day getting to have sugar cereal...a rarity in our house and never allowed on a school day. Then we headed to her school for the last day festivities. They had honors chapel and handed out awards & certificates. My sweetie got straight A's again. Too cool! This is her last day wearing her jumper. Boohoo. :`(

After that we headed home and she changed out of her uniform. She got to pick one meal out for her birthday and she chose lunch at our favorite restaurant, El Salto. They have the yummiest Mexican food and even though it's an hour away it's still worth the drive. We stopped in at our favorite thrift shop, Value Village, which is conveniently located across the street. She hit the jackpot in the toy department and is the proud owner of several new Webkinz. They did not come with the online code but she rarely plays with them on the computer anyhow. The best part was several of them were specific ones that she had on her birthday list. Brand new those silly stuffed animals cost $ the thrift shop? .60-.80 cents. WOOHOO. She was very excited. She and Rebecca conked out on the way home.

We went to a BBQ with some friends that night and Jaquelyn and all the girls got soooo wet & muddy playing outside with all the other kids there. We got home late but still did some presents that night. She was very excited about all the American Girl doll things she received (you can read about what a great deal I got on eBay here and the doll was an ebay steal too at under $40.00) . But the Samantha doll was the best present of the night no doubt.

She opened the rest of her presents the next day and was excited to get some Pippi Longstocking things and a digital camera. She has been taking pictures everywhere and using it like crazy. She has already used up the batteries it came with and is now waiting for the rechargable ones I picked up to be fully charged. Definitely a TERRIFIC birthday. Jaquelyn and I send a big thank you to all my bloggy friends who have wished her a Happy Birthday.


He And Me + 3 said...

The expression on her faces in those pictures say it all! She had a wonderful day! I can totally tell. What fun and sugar cereal. You are too cool.

Orah said...

Every time I read your posts - i think, I gotta get back on ebay.


heidi said...

Hooray!!!!! I'm glad she had such a great day. Cara went to the mall today and blew all $40 of her bday money on NEW Webkinz. *sigh* Silly girl.

Shosh said...

wow. awesome thrifty gifts!!!!