Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jaquelyn's Birthday Party

This week has been a very hectic week around these parts. Twice I tried to put a post together but my obnoxious laptop has been having issues. I finally got a spare keyboard and now that doesn't want to work either. I try to type the word 'the' and get something like this 'k.k.k.k.k.k.k.k.'. Not so much what I was looking for so now I am back to battling with the 'n' key on this one. It works occasionally, it's just annoying when I have to go back and add the n's that were missed.
Anyhoo....Tuesday was Jaquelyn's birthday party. We invited her whole class, not as big as it sounds since there are only 14 in her class, plus a few of her friends from the neighborhood. It was a pool party with the girls invited back to our house for a sleepover. The pool didn't open until 3:30pm so we were meeting at the park next door to have snacks & cake before hand.
Tuesday started out horribly. I was working at the coffee shop and the sky was black with torrential rain and thunder & lightning galore. We were both hoping and praying that it would clear up before the party but I didn't think there was much chance of that. At 9:45am, I got a call on my cell. It was someone from the pool. They had decided to close the pool for the day. Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!? The pool doesn't even open for almost 6 hours and they have already decided it will still be raining then. I wish I was psychic and knew what the weather would be like for the rest of the day...FOR SURE.
Needless to say, Jaquelyn was devastated. I discussed it with Dan and we decided to let her have the sleepover part anyhow and reschedule the pool party for next week. Of course I didn't really have an option about the rescheduling part since they informed me that I would lose my deposit if I chose to cancel the party.
Can anyone take a wild guess and tell me what the weather was like at 3:30? Sunny, 80's, perfect pool weather. Can you also guess who called the park & rec department and complained to the director about their ridiculous policy of making closing decisions hours before they need to?!?!? ME!

Well, we called everyone who's phone number we had, a.k.a. the girls, and filled them in on the switch. This of course meant we had to go to the park at 2:30pm to wait for anyone who we were unable to contact by phone, a.k.a. the boys. Interestingly enough, none showed. Oh biggie.
We had the girls (7 of them) come over anytime after 5pm and pick up was whenever it was convenient for the parents, because some of them work. It was lots of fun for everyone. We had pizza...omgosh that was expensive and they voted on a movie from Blockbuster...Hotel 4 Dogs (which was pretty good). They put on another movie after that and settled down for the night. And by that I mean continued to talk, laugh, giggle, play and other such nonsense into the wee hours of the morning. I finally put my foot about 12:30 and they eventually quieted down a little after 1am. Boy was I sleepy the next day....they were not. They were up by 7am and raring to go. Breakfast was cinnamon rolls and cereal. Then they were out the door to play. Luckily they played well together with minimal drama. Kids were picked up throughout the day, the last one around 3pm and they took Jaquelyn with them for a sleep over at their house. Rebecca and I immediately decided (much more me than her) to take a little nap....ah heaven.
We are keeping our fingers crossed that Tuesday this week will be sunshiny and warm so we won't have to try to reschedule again.

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He And Me + 3 said...

We loved the hotel 4 dogs. what a cute movie. Hope that Tuesday is great weather.