Thursday, May 7, 2009

More eBay Deals

Ok....eBay and I have been having quite the time lately. It's like a sickness. Every time I think I'm finished, I come up with some thing else we need. I have bought more in the past 30 days on eBay that I have during the years I have been using eBay.
I have my new(to me), purple, working, Dyson. (very exciting) It came yesterday and I tried it out right away. It is soooo cool.

Jaquelyn's birthday is next month so for once I decided to be prepared and started shopping early. I picked up an American Girl Samantha doll, along with a carrying case and a ton of clothes. She is going to be super excited. She has been wanting a Samantha doll for a really long time. I got a great deal on both the doll and the clothes/case.

I also bought some DirecTV remotes to replace the ones my wonderful children have broken. Seriously, these have got to be so cheap. I still have working remotes from more than 10 years ago from various tv's and vcr's and in less than 2 years, two of our four remotes from them are broken already. So when I checked online to see replacement costs....$15-20 per remote, plus shipping. way. I picked up 3 exact matches to our remote, unopened, for a mere $19.99, with free shipping. Way cool! I really adore eBay.

On a side note, today is the first day I am trying out my new iPod. I just finished putting the 7th Harry Potter book on it. Wow...It takes up a LOT of memory! Hopefully it makes working out actually enjoyable...or at least tolerable.


He And Me + 3 said...

Yea for your dyson and all those deals. I love EBAY!

Orah said...

I really have to get back to e-bay. I was banned from it by my husband in 2002. I am going to have to overturn that ban, I think. Yay - stuff!!!

heidi said...

SOOOO jealous of your DYSON!!!!

Wtg you on thinking ahead. :-)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I wanna dyson too!
About Twilight~ I agree totally. The 2nd one was crappy. Made me all sad and stuff. I am getting the last one tomorrow, so I will let you know what i think!!