Friday, July 17, 2009

I Am So Proud Of Rebecca!!!

You will never guess what my awesome little girl did today!! It was so totally cool! Since this is my blog, I get to brag about it all I want! I will tell the whole story and I am sure you will guess before I'm finished.
We have a pool pass for our local pool, which is about 2-3 blocks away. The pass also works for the other community pool that is in a different town about 15-20 from here. although we have gotten the pass before, we have never ventured down the road to try the other pool. After all, why bother when this one is so close. Yesterday, we got to our pool a bit later than planned upon only to find out that they were closing in 20 minutes for a swim meet. What a bummer. They suggested we try the St. Michael's pool since it would still be open. So we loaded up and drove on down.

It is actually a very nice pool that is very kid oriented and has a good sized shallow end with zero entry which I really like. The part that made it terrific in the kids eyes was the slide they had. It's not a very big slide, maybe 4 ft tall or slightly less, but quite the draw nonetheless. That is until you read the sign located next to the slide. You must be taller than this sign (roughly 5ft) or pass the deep end test to use the slide. Well, Jaquelyn went right over and took the test, which is the same as our pool but for some reason you have to take it for each pool separately. The deep end test consists of swimming from one side of the pool to the other and back and then treading water for 1 minute.
Rebecca was very upset that she couldn't go on the slide so I took her into the water with me and tried to get her to work on her swimming. She was not very enthusiastic about it and it didn't last too long. She ended the day just playing in the shallow end and giving the slide longing looks.
We went back to that pool this afternoon because our neighbors were heading down there to try it out. The weather was not terrific so the pool was not very crowded at all. Lots of fun was had by all but Rebecca still wanted to go down that slide. After we had been there for a few hours, almost everyone else had left, to include our neighbors. Rebecca decided she wanted to go down that slide so she was going to try to take the test.
So off we went to let the lifeguard know what she wanted to do. I swam beside her the whole way and encouraged her loudly. She made it all the way there and back with no problems. The treading water was a little harder but she made it through that too. My FOUR year old passed the deep end test!!! I was totally amazed. She swam the whole way on her back because that is the easiest for her but they don't care how you get through it as long as it's on your own.
Needless to say, she was very excited and spent the rest of our time at the pool going down the slide over and over and over again.


Bridget said...

Congratulations to Rebecca!! Way to go!!!

Jennifer said...

How precious!! Congrats to Rebecca! I love it! I can't wait for my little ones to learn to swim!

Shosh said...

wow! our pool has the same rules and even though the boys know how to swim they are terrified of taking the test!