Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vote For Porter

Updated: It was pointed out to me that once you get to his picture, it is not clear how to vote for him. When you find his picture, there is a spot in the right corner above the picture that says "rate this" and you can give him however many stars you want.

My mom has the cutest dog named Porter. He is a mixed breed rescue dog. Even though he is four years old, he still looks and acts like such a puppy.
She has him entered in a contest for the top pet in San Francisco. If you have a few extra minutes it would be so cool if you could vote for him! You don't have to be from the area to vote.
Here is the link...The Bay Area's Top Pet. Once you get to the pages, you can search for "Porter the 4 year old puppy" or "Porter Posing".
I could only find some pictures from last year on my computer to show you how cute he is so here they are.

Here is Rebecca teaching Porter how to roll over.

He is very patient with Rebecca pretty much no matter what she does, he just tolerates it.

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Jennifer said...

I tried to go and vote and I found the videos but I didn't see anywhere to vote! Maybe the voting hasn't started yet?! I'll try again another time!