Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chilly Today Hot Tamale

OK, I know there are many places out there that are colder than where we live. Today was a balmy 15 degrees out. Warmer than some areas colder than others. I feel that the degree of coldness is relative to what you have to do while it is so cold. If you are inside it's not too bad. If you have to go somewhere in your car, it is cold but not too bad once the car warms up. Then there's those of us that have to be outside.
Guess what time of the year it is here in Maryland...Girl Scout Cookie Time! That's right! Today, Jaquelyn and I spent 2 hours walking door to door in our neighborhood asking if people wanted to buy cookies. Could our Girl Scouts PLEASE pick a warmer time of the year to sell cookies?!? And I don't even want to get into next month when the kids have to sit outside at cookie booths for 2 hours at a time.
I have heard all the reasons they sell now such as they don't have anywhere to store the cookies in the warmer weather and the United Way uses the fall for their fundraising and doesn't want the competition. I sooooo don't care when I am freezing my tushie off walking through our neighborhood trying to convince people to ignore the New Year's resolutions they JUST made to lose weight because it's more important to buy cookies.
Soooooo, anyone want to buy some Girl Scout cookies? (I am totally kidding, we are NOT allowed to sell over the internet)


Jennifer said...

It was 55 degrees here today! We never get the really cold weather! I can't even imagine if we did how I would handle it, because I'm cold when it's 40 outside, much less 15!! I love Girl Scout cookies, but you are right, they don't go good for my!

Shosh said...

i agree...i can handle winter if i get to stay inside! i cant handle the freezing cold if i have to take my kids in and out of the car 100 times and do errands.
and wow do i love girl scout cookies...i think i would go outside for those!