Saturday, January 24, 2009

Washington DC

Friday my older daughters had a day off school. My friend Pam home schools her daughter so we try to get together and do something fun. We brainstormed a bit and decided to head down to DC to go to a few museums. I decided that it was totally educational so Jaquelyn could skip school and join us.
We had planned on visiting the Holocaust museum and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and then see how much time we had left. Jaquelyn really wanted to see the White House while we were there too.

Ahhhh, the best laid plans. By the time we actually got 3 teen aged girls moving, into the DC area, on the Metro and finally to the Mall, it was close to noon.

It was surprising how busy it still was from the inauguration. There were still large crowds everywhere we went....and porta potties as far as the eye could see. We decided to go to the Holocaust museum first since the other one was closed from 10:45-12:30. The line was not too bad but it still took about 1/2 hour to get in. We decided to split up once we got inside. Pam took the older girls through the regular exhibit and I took Jaquelyn through the children's exhibit. She seemed to enjoy it and it really helped her "get" more about what happened back then. She has learned very minorly about it in school but this opened a whole new understanding. She even wants to write a report about it for school for extra credit. The older girls enjoyed it too and really felt they learned a lot more than they had in school.

When we finished, it was too late to do much else so we just walked over to the White House, took some pictures and headed home. Silly me, I completely forgot that it was Friday afternoon...traffic out the ying yang. Luckily, there was an HOV (carpool) lane shortly after we got on the highway so it wasn't too bad for us. We got to FLY past everyone else who was just sitting there. Gotta love a minivan.

I didn't take too many pictures since you are not able to take pictures inside the museum but I did get a few outside. Enjoy!


Orah said...

First of all, I was very flattered that you saw something in a few of my posts that made you decide to spend a weekend reading my entire blog. I did that with someone elses blog - so I know what that means.

Second I appreciate all your comments. And let me add, I do not take offense to Sandler's Chanukah song - he is hysterical. In fact I do not take offense to most "Jew" jokes, (I have a pretty healthy sense of humor). Although I have heard a few jokes about the Holocaust, that crossed the line.

And speaking about Holocaust - I think it is wonderful that you made a point of taking teenage girls to the Holocaust museum. I have been there twice, and as a child of a Holocaust survivor, I think it is extremely important that all young adults be exposed to this horrendous event in our history. And realize how lessons learned about this horror can be applied to the lives we live today. So kudos to you.

Shosh said...

wow thats awesome you took them for an educational day like that! looks like it was great!

heidi said...

Very cool!!! Sounds like a great day!