Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Another Not Me! Monday

I am once again happy to direct everyone to MckMama's website to take part in our weekly therapy session known as Not Me! Monday.

I have not found a new blog to read and enjoyed it so much that I went back and started at the beginning of her blog and read the whole thing. I did not enjoy it very much.

I did not stay up until after 1am two nights in a row because I was reading said blog instead of doing my work on my computer. I am much more responsible than that and always do my work right away.

I did not find a list of Not Me's from last week that I forgot to post about because I couldn't find the paper I wrote them on. I don't have to write everything down to be able to remember it.

Rebecca is not sick AGAIN! She has not been sick almost constantly for the last 2 months. This time is not just one week after the last round of antibiotics for pneumonia. I am not starting to think there might be something wrong that the Dr. just isn't catching because she is always getting sick over and over.

I did not show up at Rebecca's doctor's on Thursday for our 11 o'clock appointment, on time for once, only to be told that we didn't have an appointment and the doctor wasn't even in that day. I was not rather irritated since I just had to drive an hour for NO REASON AT ALL! (ok, I so was)

My husband did not just call and tell me to hurry up with my Not Me! Monday post because MckMama just posted hers. Nope!
My husband did not just call again to remind me of one of my Not Me's and say that he only said if I was going to post I should do it right away.

I did not forget about the eggs boiling on the stove that I told my husband I would take care. When I heard the front door open, signifying his return, I did NOT run into the kitchen and try to make it seem like I had been watching over them all the time. He did not totally catch me and give me a hard time about it.

Have fun with your not me's!!


heidi said...

Poor Rebecca!!! :-( I can't seem to NOT be sick, either. Maybe it's just that her immune system is just SO beat down that she's catching every little thing floating around?

Amanda said...

You have a gift with writing... I enjoyed reading all your not me's...but I do hope your little one gets better soon!
God Bless

Orah said...

I did not just blush terribly when I realized the blog you are referring to is mine and you actually linked me. That is so kind. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Have a great Not Me! Monday.

Shosh said...

wow that doctor thing is so annoying!!!! hope your daughter feels better soon

Kimber said...

I've NOT ever done the same thing with an appointment before. Still laughing about the eggs.