Thursday, January 29, 2009

Results Of Rebecca's Birthday

Well I think she had a pretty good day yesterday. She was feeling much better and since it was a snow day, her sisters were around her all day to spoil her. We had her favorite dinner of meatloaf, broccoli and mashed potatoes. Instead of a cake, we had cupcakes and she got to use Jaquelyn's cupcake decorater and frost and decorate her own cupcake (which she couldn't even finish)

She enjoyed opening all of her presents and made out pretty good for only being 4. I was so excited to give her the Smart Cycle. I had high hopes of her loving the game and wanting to play it all the time. My daughter cannot pedal correctly. So much for those bright ideas of mine. I suppose she will pick it up eventually but so far she is only succeeding in pedaling backwards. That results in that annoying "beep beep" noise that big trucks make when they are going in reverse. Lots of fun. She really liked all her presents though. She got a cute little Pucci Pony, a cartridge for the smart cycle, some new jammies & undies, a teddy bear dressed like a ladybug, a set of cars from the Cars movie (her favorite), a plate and book from the Cars movie and of course....the beloved Bendaroos. They were very anti-climactic...I thought she would have been over the moon about finally getting her Bendaroos but she just wanted to move on to the next present. I suppose we should have saved those for last but maybe we'll learn for next time.


Heidi said...

Aww. very cute.Happy birthday little one.

heidi said...

Dude - how did you luck out with a kid that likes meatloaf?? Everyone but me hates it over here. Buncha hippies.

Looks like she had a great day!

Orah said...

you're good, Ro is turning 5 on February 4th and I have not come up with a plan yet. I am usually on top of these things, but I am behind this year due to complete and utter exhaustion. Although I did buy her a gift last summer for her birthday, but it seems to have gone missing while my parents were moving out. So I have to start from square 1.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Looks like a very happy 4-year old!