Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Here we go again, time to bear our souls of all that we haven't done this week. My offerings are a bit small this week so be sure to head over to MckMama's so you have more to read!

I have not been totally neglecting my blog during the holidays. I would never do that! I can always balance blogging and the rest of the things that go on around here.

I did not forget to write down anything for Not Me! Monday so I am now sitting here at my computer wondering how I am supposed to remember what happened during the whirlwind holidays. (I've slept since then and everything just fell out of my head!)

I am not playing a game on my desktop computer while blogging on the laptop. All of my attention is focused on my blog and trying to figure out what to write.

I am not depressed that I have to move Rebecca from using the straps to using a seatbelt in her carseat. I did not look at carseats at Target and debate buying one that cost $160 just because I would be able to use the straps up to 65lbs. That's just crazy....(carseats are one of my passions)

OK...I have to admit defeat...I can't think of anything even though I am sure there were tons of things I didn't do last week. (I am not blogging when I should be leaving since Jaquelyn needs to be picked up from school in 5 minutes)


alisonvassey said...

i am a carseat fanatic too!! check out the britax regent- good up to 80 lbs!!! love it!

heidi said...

I just didn't even try this week. LOL Yay you for playing along!

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