Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Doctors Results

Yesterday's doctor's appointments went fairly well.
Rebecca did great for her 4 year old check up. She was in the 70% for height and weight which I am pretty sure is bigger than all of her sisters for height. She did have to get 3 shots which she did very well with. She didn't cry at all and just gave the nurse a bad look for hurting her. She was not the least impressed with the tweety bandages and was asking to take them off almost immediately. I think she thought taking the bandages off would make them stop hurting.
Jaquelyn didn't fare quite so well. She was diagnosed with a bad sinus infection and a bit of that like being a little bit pregnant? Who knows...anyhow, she is on an antibiotic again and oral steroids too. She is using her inhaler much more than usual. Normally she only uses it once a month at most. I think she used it about 5 times today. We attempted basketball practice tonight but she didn't last 10 minutes before she was coughing and gasping, and that was after using her inhaler right before we got there. Hopefully she will be ready for the game on Saturday since she missed last weeks due to Girl Scouts.
Today was the first day in 2 weeks that everyone actually went to school. It was soooo quiet around the house...I had forgotten what that was like. I am hoping it will be the same tomorrow but we might get the snow that was supposed to be here today. We'll see. :-)

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heidi said...

Missed this somehow, earlier. I'm glad they've got her on some antibiotics now. Maybe she can kick this darn thing! We're headed BACK to the Dr tomorrow for the boys. I'm so over this!