Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's that wonderful time of the week again. MckMama's fun little carnival called Not Me! Monday. That time when we all mention all the things we did not do this week for everyone else to read about and join in our laughter and tears. If you want to join in the fun, head over to her blog and go hog wild!

While doing laundry a pair of overalls did not mysteriously lose part of a buckle. I am not completely baffled as to where it could be. I haven't checked the washer, dryer, under both machines and inside other clothing from that batch and still haven't found it. I did not actually try to put Rebecca in said overalls later that week and try to buckle them before I remembered it was that pair.

I did not forget that it was a holiday and set my alarm for the wrong time to get up Tuesday morning. If that had happened, I'm sure when my husband called to make sure I was awake at the right time I wouldn't have gotten upset with him for waking me up. (until I realized he was right)

I did not spend 3 hours at Walmart one day because I was wandering around looking for all their clearances. I am not super excited that our store is getting remodeled and there are clearances everywhere. I did not snag tons of great material for 75% off.

While making rice last week, I did not grab the wrong part of the steamer, the steam basket, and try to fill it with water instead of the rice bowl. It did not take feeling the water dripping on my foot through all the holes for me to realize the mistake I made.

I was not thinking about something so intently that I drove right past Rebecca's school and had to turn around. I am always focused on my surroundings and drive safely.

I did not finally return 2 movies to Blockbuster over 2 weeks late. I am not so happy they don't have late fees anymore. I do not take full advantage of the new policy regularly.

I did not spend 30 minutes searching the house for list I made for Not Me! Monday, unable to find it anywhere. I was not totally bummed. I did not end up finding the list sitting on my desk by my computer. I'm not that scatterbrained. I do not desparately need lists like that to remember anything that happens during the week for Not Me! Monday. I am not getting old!


heidi said...

Oh good - if you're not getting old that means I'm not either. *phew*

Sounds like you were a bit preoccupied this week! LOL

Orah said...

I think the buckle went to the same place that socks go to die.

And I have 2 weeks ago rented movies from blockbuster, that I refuse to return until I find time to watch.

Shosh said...

the water through the strainer cracked me up!