Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Please join us once again as we celebrate the glorious Not Me! Monday! After reading about all the things I did not do this week, you can head over to MckMama's blog and read all about what everyone else didn't do. Have fun!

I am not taking Jaquelyn and Rebecca to the Doctor's again today. They are NOT both sick again. I am not spending far too much money and time at their doctors office.

I did not give Rebecca yogurt that expired a week ago. That is disgusting and I would never do that. Responsible parents always check the date before they give their children perishable foods.

I did not find a pair of footsie pajamas at Target on the clearance rack for under $4 and totally snatch them up. They were not a size 6x and fit my daughter perfectly. I am not betting you all think I am talking about the 4 year old and I am so not. My 9 year old is not wearing size 6x jammies. She is not THAT petite.

I was not so psyched to leave Target, check my receipt and find that two of the clearance items were even less than I thought. I did not get a pair of sweats for 30 cents. I did not find a digital camera for a birthday present for $5. I do not adore Target's clearance racks.

I am the parent of a Girl Scout who was selling cookies last weekend and going door to door. One particular door took a bit longer to open. When we finally got a response, the man was NOT shirtless. The woman who came after him was NOT adjusting her shirt. I do NOT feel we might have interrupted a little "afternoon delight". Jaquelyn was totally clueless. (thank goodness)

I was not very bummed the night of Rebecca's birthday because it finally really sank in that she is 4 and growing up and there's nothing I can do about it.

I did not go to Safeway 3 times in 3 days because they were having such a great deal on 12 packs of soda. I do not have about 15 packs stacked up in the laundry room so I will not have to shop for soda for the rest of the month. We will not go through them probably before the end of the month. We (my husband) do not drink that much soda. (In his defense, all of them are not his only about 1/2)

I did not let Rebecca stay in her pajamas all day on Saturday. I am certainly a responsible parent who makes sure her children have clean fresh clothes on every day.


heidi said...

sweet deals at target!

I am SO with you on the Dr. thing. I am OVER dr's and illness already. Can we MOVE ALONG please?? *sigh*

Faith said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon! My youngest is sick with what my oldest just got over having, so I feel your pain!

Orah said...

I hope the couple getting to "KNOW" each other are not married to other ppl.

Dan said...

On to the important question... Did the people that were NOT interrupted buy Girl scout cookies and if so how much???

Michelle said...

Good luck selling your GS cookies and hopefully you won't crash anymore afternooner parties. :)

Shosh said...

i missed that deal at safeway!!!! i meant to go but by the time i got around to it it was over...