Friday, May 29, 2009

Back To School Shopping

Ok, Ok, Ok. I know it's still the current school year and it's not quite time for back to school. But today was the used uniform sale at Jaquelyn's school for next year. There is only one store that sells the uniforms for her school....for any school within about an hour of Baltimore actually. So they are of course quite expensive since they have no competition.
Lucky for us, our school holds a used uniform sale towards the end of the year. So this year, Jaquelyn changes uniforms. From K-4 through 4th grade they wear either the jumper or the matching shorts, as seen here. These can be worn with the white or green polo shirt, short or long sleeves, white or green turtleneck or peter pan blouse.

Next year, when she moves up to 5th grade she gets to upgrade to the kilt and oxford blouse, white or blue, again short or long sleeved. She also has to start wearing a gym uniform next year consisting of shorts, shirt and sweatsuit.
As I am looking at the order form for Arhtur's (the uniform shop) I am realizing that shopping for back to school is going to be extremely pricey next year. Then I hear about the uniform sale. Just my thing...saving money! So here's what it all boils down to. I priced all the items she needed and added it up...close to $200!!! YIKES!

I am happy to say we only spent 1/4th of that today. Can you give me a WOO HOO!!! I bought one complete gym uniform, a pullover sweater, a white long sleeve oxford, a blue short sleeve oxford, her kilt and a new matching headband all for a mere $49. Now all I will need to do in the fall is get her some new socks & shoes and she will be ready to roll. Here is what she will be sporting this fall for school. I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast. Sniff, sniff.


He And Me + 3 said...

I love uniforms. THey are just so cute and boy does it make getting dressed in the morning easier. Well, I think it would. My kids don't wear uniforms, but I wish they had too. Great deals you got.

heidi @ ggip said...

I went to a private school that had a strict dress code but was weird because the uniform skirts were optional. I always wore them though (got them handmedown) because they were so much easier! She looks cute in hers. Glad you got a deal!

Bridget said...

My son's school does that and I think that it's a terrific idea!! The clothes are in good condition and you don't spend a fortune buying them new! Yay!