Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Weather Stinks & It's Prom Time

The weather in our area is just plain stinky!!! Once again, my day of fun was canceled due to the rotten, lousy, no good weather. The worst part is each evening it has been gorgeous but it's too late then. So I guess you will all have to put your ideas on the back burner until I am able to reschedule sometime way in the future. Sorry.
On to bigger and better things. Tonight is....PROM! Yes I know I don't mention the older kids as often since they are, yk "way too old for blogging stuff", as they love to say, but I do have a daughter old enough for prom. It was very hard for us to break down and allow to her to get to this age but no matter how we tried, we could not manage to freeze the girls so they could not ever get older.
She and her boyfriend Paul left about an hour ago to go out to eat with some friends at a local diner. From there, they are getting a limo with two other couples to drive around for an hour or so and then head to the Prom Spot. I took a ton of pictures of the two of them outside our house and even at the diner when we dropped them off. I think I may even drive over to the diner when the limo is supposed to get there and take a few pics then.
I will put a post up later with lots of pictures of before and after and other such nonsense.


He And Me + 3 said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. i love to see the kids all dressed up.

heidi said...

Hello?!?!?! Where are the pictures, yo?? Let's go, already. *snap snap*

Hope that man that love syou is feeling better.

Sorry the weather sucks. You should tell me what you were goign to do because I'm no good at this crap. Just tell me already!

heidi @ ggip said...

Aww. I hope that they had fun. It was a nice idea to get the limo early and drive around so you get some bang for your buck!