Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday 6 8 Month Anniversary

This is NOT the Not Me! Monday post I had written 7 weeks ago before Stellan went into the hospital. I am not so lazy that I just kept the post I had written and finally published it.

Wow....It is hard to believe that these Not Me! Monday posts have been around for more than 6 8 months now. Seems like just the other day we were all reading MckMama's blog so we could find out how Stellan was doing in utero and she decided to tell us all the things she hadn't done. And lo and behold, Not Me! Monday was born. You can click here to read my first NMM post and here to read MckMama's first one (or the first one I can pick out). Or you can just skip all that and check out the ones from this week's tell all. Either way, have fun!

When I took the laundry out of the dryer and it had a funny smell, it certainly wasn't me that just sprayed some Febreze on it and decided it was good enough. I would never do something like that to everyone else's clean clothes.

I did not have to stay up late on Sunday night to get Jaquelyn's uniform washed. I am not worried that it won't be dry since it can't go in the dryer. I haven't forgotten to wash it for two weeks now. I certainly wouldn't do that to my poor daughter who does not only have one jumper. I am not thinking about making her wear her uniform shorts tomorrow since there is a good chance it won't be dry yet. I would not do that to her since she really doesn't like her shorts and it's only supposed to get to 50 degrees tomorrow.

And continuing on the laundry theme, it certain wasn't me that was doing laundry at 10:30pm on Friday night because Rebecca threw up all over her bed. I have much better things to do on a Friday night. Like stay up until 1 am trying to finish my work before I pass out on my keyboard. The party never stops here.

It certainly isn't me who is excited because Rebecca's asleep without coughing for the 3rd night in a row. I did not forget that she had major allergy issues this time of the year last year. I am not singing Claritin's praises now for making her post nasal drip go away which in turn makes her cough go away. WOOHOO!!

It was not me who decided on Thursday night to make a birthday present for the birthday party Jaquelyn was going to on Saturday. I did not think that making a set of matching pajamas for the girl and her brand new American Girl Doll would be so cool. I did not spend most of Friday dealing with the project. I do not ever put things off until the last minute. I was not biting everyone's head off on Friday because of the trials and tribulations resulting from trying to make said pj's. I was not thrilled to find that the girl adored them when I picked Jaquelyn up from the party.

It was not me who, while I was typing these up late Sunday evening, jumped about a foot in the air when something fell over in the kitchen. It did not make a huge racket and totally freak me out since I am the only person still awake. It was not just the broom sliding over since once again the kids just set it against the wall so that it would eventually topple over. I do not scare that easily.

I am so not getting irritated that my computer's clock will still randomly change it's time back to pre-daylight savings. That isn't frustrating in the least.

While Dan and I were goofing around the other day he did not spank me on the tushie. And when I was pretending to be sooooo hurt, Rebecca did not come to my rescue and kiss my tushie!!!

I did not leave my fanny pack in the Library on Friday while I was there with Rebecca and Jaquelyn. When I got to the van and realized it wasn't inside where I thought I left it, I did not freak out. The first thing I thought of was not...Oh crap the garage door opener is in there! I was much more worried about the important things like credit cards and my drivers license. I did not find it hanging on the back of a chair in the children's section. I was not totally relieved that I had dodged that bullet since I didn't know how I was going to tell Dan.


Orah said...

I do not find it terribly tragic that I am only 306 on MckMamas link, because I had a Doctor's appointment. Thinking that is a tragedy would be so pathetic of me, and I am not that pathetic.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I have not done the febreeze on the laundry trick too.

He And Me + 3 said...

I have never febreezed my clothes, but do it to my smelly shoes all the time. LOL
Yikes on the throwing up. I always love those reasons for changing the sheets.

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