Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Trip To The Zoo

Several months back I mentioned that the girls sold enough Girl Scout cookies to be a part of the 500 club. Saturday was the 500 club outing at a zoo up in Delaware. The girls and I got up bright and early and started the almost 2 hour drive to get there. It went by fairly quickly since we had the portable DVD player along and were watching episodes of Gilmore Girls. (We are up to season 6)
It was a fairly small zoo so it didn't take too long to check out all the animals. There were mostly small animals like monkeys and birds and such.

Here is a Capybara. To me it looks like a big gerbil and the sign says they are the largest rodent in the world. EW Makes finding a mouse in your house not seem so bad.

Here is a pretty good picture of the tiger. Most of the time it was just laying around in the sun but we happened to walk past when it was walking around.

This is the sloth when it was actually moving around and looked up.

Here are a few pictures of the llamas.

The girls got to pet the goats. Rebecca especially thought this was pretty cool.

They all seemed to like the iguana the best. Not really sure why but they all stayed at that cage the most. Teresa in particular seemed to adore it. And how does she show her adoration? By antagonizing it. Yep you read that correctly.

See this sign? My daughter spent ages nodding her head at the iguana before it finally nodded back at her. Of course being the responsible adult, I recorded the whole thing made her stop.

We finally decided it was time to head home and called it a day.
It then took me two days to actually sit down and write out this post. We have been way too busy!


He And Me + 3 said...

We love the zoo. That iguana was pretty cool. I would have backed away fast. :)
Great pictures. We have been busy too. Time just flies by.

pamela-w-smith said...

Lemme guess... Was it Teresa that was nodding at the iguana? If not, then whoever it was had to have picked it up from HER! LOL