Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Hello all! I hope you mothers out there are having a great day!

I am totally excited to have won Heidi's Friday Freebie. Yippee!!! I just looooove winning things...don't you? I don't even care that I don't know what it is....that just makes it more fun. And she is soooo sweet to bribe you all to come over and visit me. I am not above accepting any help to boost my comment totals.

Let me just tell you how my Mother's day has gone so far. It's a long story so I'll start at the beginning....
On Friday, Jaquelyn came home from school limping slightly. Being the concerned and caring mom, I asked eventually noticed right away and asked what was wrong. Long story short she was jumping and playing with no shoes on and one time when she came down her toes were curled under and they kind of...crunched. Her baby toe on her right foot was very slightly swollen and tender to the touch. No biggie right? We'll throw some ice on it and elevate it, you'll be fine in the morning.
The next morning, the toe is a bit more swollen and bruised. Dan and I discussed it and decided it was fine and off we went to softball. She had a bit of trouble walking in her cleats but actually made it on base two out of three at bats. The coach was nice enough to let her have a pinch runner once she was on first.
Fast forward to today. We discuss it again and decide that maybe it should be looked at since it is still very swollen and the bruising is spreading about 2 inches away from the injured toe. Jaquelyn and I hop in the car and drive 45 minutes to the Nighttime Pediatrics that is in Annapolis. We get there around 12:30. They can get her into x-ray at 6pm. Are you kidding me?!? You expect me to wait here for 5 1/2 hours to take a picture of a baby toe?!!?
So we head home and I decide to try the little urgent care place we pass on the way home that is right off the highway. There is no one in the waiting room. We are in and out in less than 15 minutes and headed down the road to the x-ray spot. The doctor does not think it is broken since Jaquelyn didn't make a peep the whole time he was poking and prodding at her toe area. He said if it was broken, most people would be screaming while he was doing that.
So we are at the x-ray place...again no one is there ahead of us. This is just too good to be true. I think Nighttime Pediatrics just got kicked to the curb! Plus these places are both less than 1/2 hour away. Another plus! They take a bunch of pictures and send us on our way. The doctor calls about 15 minutes later to say we have a pretty tough kid on our hands because it is broken! I won't bother to go and tell him I told you so. I'll just keep that to myself. I knew it was when it was just getting worse each day.
There is not a lot they can do but he did give us some instructions. Tape it together with another toe and wear a stiff soled shoe. Simple enough. We have Jaquelyn's cast boot from when she broke her leg in 3rd grade so that should work well (she has a bit of a klutzy side). I suppose she shouldn't be playing softball anymore but since the doctor didn't mention it...we'll see. I mean, she played on Saturday and it seemed o.k. and this time her toes would be taped together so it would be much better...right?? I would feel so bad if softball season was over for her already. Just like when she broke her leg and had to stop her ballet classes. Or when she sliced her foot open and had to have stitches right before leaving for our two week vacation in Wisconsin....where we spend the whole time playing in the water on the Mississippi River. It's just so unfair....she has rotten timing. Although I suppose there isn't a good time to do these things.
Anyhow....that's where things stand here. We are getting ready to eat a yummy dinner that Dan and Taylor prepared. And I didn't have to do anything to make it!

I hope everyone else's day is going TERRIFIC!!!