Friday, March 20, 2009


Today was a day full of crafts and projects. I decided I was finally going to take care of some of those things that I had been putting off for weeks.
In December, I found a very nice, plain, white t-shirt. I already had some iron on transfers from who knows where at home. I wanted to make Rebecca a Cars shirt since she loves the movie soooo much. I had looked around a bit but never really saw any shirts I was willing to pay their ridiculous prices for. Besides which, they were all very boyish. (understandably) So this has been hanging around my house for almost 3 months and I finally took care of it today. I found two great pictures, one of Lightning McQueen and one of Mater and she truly loved it. If it wasn't 40 degrees here I'm sure she would have been changing right then.

Secondly, Jaquelyn is going to a birthday party tomorrow and the girl just received an American Girl Doll this week for her birthday. I don't know why but I decided that it would be a great present to make matching pajamas for her and her doll. The day before the party. By me, the very mediocre sewer with no ability to figure a pattern out to save her life. So I figured starting with the dolls outfit made the most sense. The first pair of pants I made were much too short because I was using a pair of capris as a pattern and totally forgot to add some length. So I just let Jaquelyn have those for her doll. The second pair came out nicely but then came the shirt dilemma.
I had planned on just buying white t-shirts to go with the fleece bottoms because that would be so much easier. I, of course didn't take into account that we live in the middle of nowhere and there are absolutely no doll shirts in the entire county. So being the crafty mom, I pull out an old tshirt that was bought to make something with a million years ago and cut it up to make a simple tshirt. No problem right? Soooooo many problems. By the time I had finished the shirt I was ready to kill anyone who talked to me and I was biting the kids heads off if they even talked in the same room I was in. Just a bit moody, huh? Obviously I am so ready for Mother of the Year. I couldn't believe the troubles I was having with my sewing machine. Every time I tried to sew a tiny hem on the shirt, it got stuck and ended up with gobs of thread all over the back of the seam. I'm sure I was doing something wrong with tension or something but I am borderline sewing machine illiterate so I was doing my best. It was so frustrating because I didn't have any problems with the pants but the shirt was going to drive me over the Cliffs of Insanity. I somehow survived and will do the birthday girl's pants tomorrow. I just hope she likes the outfits.

Thirdly...are you kidding. I didn't even get to the third item I wanted to finish today. About a month ago, I snagged a bunch of material at our Walmart because they are remodeling and taking the material section in the craft area out. Sniff, sniff. Anyhow, I thought it would be so simple to make a sheet set for Rebecca's toddler bed. Well yeah the top sheet was a piece of cake. I finished that the week I brought it all home. Not so much for the fitted sheet. I just can't get my head around how to get the corners done. I have looked at her other sheets, cut one corner down the seam of a really old sheet that doesn't have enough elastic to keep it on the bed and even brought her mattress down several times trying to figure it out. Still escaping me.

I really wish I was a great sewer that could make all kinds of clothes for me and the kids. Some of those patterns out there are too cute. I actually have a whole shoebox full of patterns I have bought at garage sales. Never opened. Cannot figure them out at all. And of course our town is too small to have classes of those sorts. Well that's enough whining on my part I guess. Hope your Friday was fun! I'm off to work on my computer so I can head to bed!


Heidi Ashworth said...

These are so cute! I was sad when I saw that our fabric/craft area was gone from our Walmart, too. They had one aisle of scrapbook paper, wedding stuff, cake decorating, etc. all smashed together. There used to be a whole aisle of scrapbook stuff alone! Very sad.

jenjen said...

Look at you! What great projects!!!


sweetlittlelife said...

I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful pay it forward package! I received the candle and candy yesterday and was so excited to get a package in the mail! I will be posting about this this afternoon! Thank you again for your kindness and for paying it forward!

(P.S. I read your entry about being worried that those who commented would be disappointed, and you are wrong! I am sooo happy. My whole thing is that I love the flavor of candles that you could eat, so the poundcake candle is making me very happy (and hungry) right now!

heidi said...

Lordy! You SEW?! I'm in AWE!

I haven't emailed you back. It just dawned on me. Between sick boys, sick me and my dad visiting this weekend I just plum haven't gotten to it. Putting it on my list for tomorrow.

ANyway. The doll jammies look great and the shirt - tell me she loved that you did that for her?!

Just you wait until I show you tomorrow what *I* did. I have no skills - not like you, man. I'm darn near impressed with myself. HA!

BTW - you saw what Dan posted on the Seriously Secret post, eh? Dan - that made me laugh and then say "awwwwwww!" So sweet.

Dan said...

I have no idea what you are talking about... or in other words (since it is Monday) ... It was NOT ME!!!! ;-)